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  • Nancy Mayer
    Nov 10, 2013
      *TWO BYRON ITEMS THIS SUNDAY---to Byronists*


      *Charles E. Robinson*

      *English Department*

      *U of Delaware*


      ***_robinson@..._* <mailto:robinson@...>**


      *1] FREELYaccessibleconference papers fromthe Kings College London39th
      International ConferenceinJuly2013[together withotherfreely accessible
      conference papers--onceat theLondonpapers,click on the Conference
      Proceedings link to the leftfor papers from other conferences]:*


      *(2) CFPfor 40th International Byron Conference [RosaFlorousent it to me
      for forwarding--note free registration/excursions/dinners and very
      reasonable hotel rates]:*


      *Annual International Byron Conference*

      *"Byron Original and Translated"*

      *Tbilisi State University, Georgia, 23-28 June 2014*

      *Call for Papers*

      *Tbilisi State University and the Byron Society of Georgia are pleased
      to announce that the 40thannual International Byron Conference will be
      held at Tbilisi State University from 23 to 28 June 2014. The Byron
      Society of Georgia was founded in 1988 to mark the bicentenary of the
      poet's birth, and this is the first time that the International Byron
      Conference has been held in Georgia, which Lord Byron did not visit,
      though he would have liked to: "Thence shall I stray through beauty's
      native clime, / Where Kaff is clad in rocks, and crown'd with snows
      sublime,"he wrote in/English Bards and Scotch Reviewers/, and the
      nineteenth-century immediately recognised "beauty's native clime" as
      Georgia. After 1809, Byron referred to Georgia numerous times. He became
      popular in Georgia during his lifetime and continues to be of great
      interest to Georgian scholars.*

      *Proposals for 20-minute papers are invited on any aspect of the
      conference theme. Possible topics might include, but are by no means
      limited to, the following:*

      *. Byron's originality in terms of theme/s;*

      *. Byron's originality in relation to poetic forms;*

      *. Byron's engagements with other writers;*

      *. Byron's iconic originality;*

      *. Byron's texts in original and revised forms;*

      *. Byron as origin for later nineteenth and twentieth-century

      *. The challenges of translating Byron;*

      *. Important translations of Byron and their influence on other national

      *. Translating Byron into other art forms (visual art, drama, opera,
      cinema, television, etc);*

      *. The mistranslation of Byron;*

      *. The politics of translating Byron;*

      *. Translations of Byron and Byronism.*

      *Please send 250-word abstracts to byronsociety@...
      <mailto:byronsociety@...> by 1 February 2014. Acceptance of
      papers will follow by 15 March 2014.*

      *In order to accommodate the maximum number of speakers in the
      programme, the organisers hope to include one or more roundtable
      discussions focused on specific themes. Individual contributions to
      these discussions should be 10 minutes long. Proposals for roundtable
      sessions are very welcome. These sessions should be 90-120 minutes long
      and should include a minimum of 4 speakers.*

      *Please note that speakers should normally be current members of a Byron
      society. *

      *For a list of Byron societies please see the IABS website

      *Registration and Accommodation*

      *Conference registration, excursions and dinners will be free.
      Accommodation will be available in a four-star hotel
      (www.verepalace.com.ge <http://www.verepalace.com.ge>)that is offering
      special prices: US$95 per night for single occupancy and US$60 for
      double occupancy. Other hotels are also expected to offer special
      prices. See: Hotel Iliani (www.iliani.com <http://www.iliani.com>);
      Hotel Ipari(www.hotelipari.ge <http://www.hotelipari.ge>);Tbilisi
      Marriott Hotel
      Marriott Hotel (www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/tbscy-courtyard-tbilisi/
      Radisson Blu(www.radissonblu.com <http://www.radissonblu.com>). For
      early hotel reservations please contact the Byron Society of Georgia
      (byronsociety@... <mailto:byronsociety@...>).*

      *Bursaries for Students*

      *Limited funds are available to help selected students meet the cost of
      presenting a paper at the conference (either as individual speakers or
      as roundtable participants). Students wanting to be considered for
      funding may apply by letter/email when they submit their proposal.
      Applicants will be contacted in late March, and will receive the
      decision of the Conference Committee by mid-April 2014.*

      *NB. Information on Plenary Speakers will be posted soon.*

      *Academic Committee:*

      *1. Professor Innes Merabishvili*

      *2. Professor John Clubbe*

      *3. Professor Naji Oueijan*

      *4. Dr. Alan Rawes*

      *5. Professor Jonathan Gross*

      *6. Professor Gia Jokhadze*

      *Organizing Committee:*

      *1. Innes Merabishvili*

      *2. Rosa Florou*

      *3. Nugzar Rukhadze*

      *4. Georgi Laliashvili*

      *5. Irma Rukhadze*

      *6. Megi Gudadze*

      *<<...>> *

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