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6742Re: [Byron] Notice of Byron's impending marriage in the newspapers

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  • Nancy Mayer
    Nov 9, 2013
      Byron definitely says that the Morning Chronicle   refuted a notice that had  appeared in the Durham paper.
      ( unfortunately a mistake was made in copying and I have two .pdf copies of October 6 and none of the Chronicle of the 5th.
      A history of  the palatinate says that The " Durham Advertiser" was commenced by Mr. Francis Humble, in September, 1814, and at the time of its first publication was the only newspaper published between York and Newcastle"
      As the engagement  had only been finalized  by the 18th of Sept.  and the note refuting the  notice ( Byron suspected Lady Caroline Lamb sent in the note denying that Byron was engaged. ) was published on the 5th of October.

      Most papers were weeklies. I would imagine that a publisher starting a new newspaper would be thrilled to have such a  bit a news to publish. I gather that the Milbankes were  considered  fairly local ( my sense of geography isn't the greatest) Lady Milbanke  had  just  become co- heir to a peerage in abeyance, and Sir Ralph had previously been an MP. Byron was wildly  popular at this time so any news of his life  would be welcome.

      Any one here from Durham?

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