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6741Notice of Byron's impending marriage in the newspapers

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  • Nancy Mayer
    Nov 9, 2013
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       If any one has ever seen a copy of this , I'd love to know.
      It seems that when Miss Anna Isabel Milbanke  became engaged to George Lord Byron, the newspaper of the largest city near her home printed a notice of it. It was picked up by other papers.
      I have never seen a copy of that and hadn't even known it existed except that on October 5 Byron wrote to Annabelle that the Morning Chronicle  had printed a notice ( from an anonymous sender) to the point that Lord Byron wasn't really engaged after all.
      This is the first time I noticed this and the first mention of announcements in any papers  of marriages to come. Of course, Byron was a celebrity and papers were willing to print any gossip about him.

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