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TESTING YOUR STORY’S EMOTIONAL STAKES: http://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com/make-sure-story-emotional-stakes/ SHOWING NOT TELLING YOUR CHARACTER:
Marilynn Byerly
11:07 AM

The Fourth Wall

In playwriting and stage performance, there’s a convention called the fourth wall. Think of the stage as a room with three walls that contain the action.
Marilynn Byerly
Apr 24

Links of Interest

IS OUR PROTAGONIST STRONG ENOUGH TO DRIVE OUR STORY? http://jamigold.com/2017/04/protagonist-boot-camp-characters-who-drive-a-story/ IS KINDLE UNLIMITED WORTH
Marilynn Byerly
Apr 19

Fantasy and Reality in Our Writing

In my dream, I walked into the snack bar of the student union of my alma mater. Daniel, the hero of my first novel, sat at one of the tables. He melted me with
Marilynn Byerly
Apr 17

Links of Interest

FINDING THE RIGHT STORY QUESTION TO MOVE YOUR STORY FORWARD: http://blog.janicehardy.com/2017/04/stuck-on-your-plot-change-your-story.html GETTING DEEP POV
Marilynn Byerly
Apr 12

The Yin and Yang of Worldbuilding

One of the fun things about worldbuilding for a fantasy or paranormal novel is that you can take bits and pieces of religions and mythologies to build your own
Marilynn Byerly
Apr 10

Links of Interest

CREATING GREAT SECONDARY CHARACTERS: http://www.livewritethrive.com/2017/03/30/5-tips-to-writing-secondary-characters-that-pop HTML TAGS IN AMAZON BOOK
Marilynn Byerly
Apr 5

The Zombie as a Character

Zombies are the animated dead. In their usual depictions in movies and TV shows, they are shambling, disintegrating, and mindless corpses who seek to kill the
Marilynn Byerly
Apr 3

Links of Interest

THE PROS AND CONS OF USING A MADE UP SETTING: http://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com/find-good-idea-use-made-setting/ STEPS TO OUTLINING YOUR NOVEL:
Marilynn Byerly
Mar 29

Suddenly, a Pirate Ship Looms over the Horizon

QUESTION: In action scenes, I use the phrases "suddenly" or "all of a sudden" a ridiculous amount of times when describing fast-paced action scenes. What other
Marilynn Byerly
Mar 27

Links of Interest

SALES NUMBER CRUNCHING USING BOOK REPORT: http://blog.janicehardy.com/2017/03/checking-under-hood-using-book-report.html FAIR USE MYTHS AND FACTS (PDF
Marilynn Byerly
Mar 22

Choosing the Traits of Traditional Monsters

When you write a story about monsters, legends, and myths, you have to decide whether you’ll use the traditional information or not. Part of your decision
Marilynn Byerly
Mar 20

Links of Interest

STORY STRUCTURE, WHAT IT SAYS TO THE READER: http://jamigold.com/2017/03/story-structure-whats-the-purpose-for-readers/ WRITER TAX TIPS BY CPA:
Marilynn Byerly
Mar 15

The Realty Sniff Test

The comic urban fantasy started out fun. The heroine had been a demon slayer in her teenage and early adult life, then she’d put aside her slaying tools and
Marilynn Byerly
Mar 13

Links of Interest

REVISION, HOW TO ANALYZE THE CHARACTER ARCS: http://blog.janicehardy.com/2017/03/revision-workshop-day-two-analyze.html REVISION, THE STORY’S STRUCTURE:
Marilynn Byerly
Mar 8
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