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400Here's what the map of the last 48 hours looks like:

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  • eric britton
    Nov 11, 2010

      Who comes into our Café for a free cuppa?  Here's what the map of the last 48 hours looks like:




      And here for the record is the list showing the last 500 entires to the site by country:


      United States, Canada, France, Portugal, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, New Zealand, India, Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Estonia, Ukraine, Denmark, Yemen, Hungary, South Africa, Poland, Peru, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Slovenia, Satellite Provider, Hong Kong, Belgium, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mexico, Russian Federation, Switzerland, Thailand, Guinea, Taiwan, Sweden, Indonesia, Greece, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Italy, Finland, Japan, Czech Republic, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, Croatia, Georgia, ,




      Read World Streets Today at http://www.worldstreets.org/

      India Streets - on-line at www.IndiaStreets.org

      Nuova Mobilità in Italy at http://nuovamobilita.org

      La bibliothèque ouverte à http://tinyurl.com/bibliotheque-ouverte


      And the New Mobility Partnerships and its collaborative programs http://www.newmobility.org