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396RE: International Buy Nothing Day 2009

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  • Eric Britton
    May 27, 2009

      Dear Buy Nothing Friends worldwide,


      We have just this morning received a wake-up call from Sandi Murray in Auckland (thanks Sandi) asking about the country page in our IBND site for New Zeeland. Which upon inspection appears to have died a slow death back in 2006, Pity, but perhaps Sandi and others of you can help us find the NZ partner so that they will be able to coordinate locally for 2009.


      What I can tell you about our IBND support site more generally – www.ibuynothingday.org – is that it is quite heavily visited and from a wide range of places (see map below showing locations of last 80 visitors).



      And all this even without our giving it much attention over the last year. We have put it IBND on the web as a free resource to support Buy Nothing actins worldwide and I want it to be a useful.  So . . .


      1.      If you would not mind popping in and having a look to see how we might update and complete.

      2.      Some of the country listings need a good whack – so any counsel on that would be much appreciated.

      3.      And as soon as you have your plan for 2009 in mind, it would be good if you might post it to the Survey component of the site.

      4.      Finally, let’s see if we can bring in new members with new ideas and energy. All they have to do is click off an email to BuyNothingCafe-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and they are in.


      And just in case you may want to have a look at what else keeps us busy here in Paris, I invite you to visit our new World Streets daily sustainability newspaper at www.worldstreets.org. And of course it’s free.


      With all good wishes for a great BND in 2009,


      Eric Britton


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