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  • Eric Britton
    Nov 26, 2006


      Welcome to Plenty of NOTHING™, Inc's website! Since Black Friday (aka Buy Nothing Day) 2002, representatives of our company have braved the annual orgy of consumption to promote buying NOTHING™ -- a truly revolutionary new product, 100% guaranteed good for the earth, your well-being, and your wallet!

      News Journal/Suchat Pederson            Each year, we give out free samples of NOTHING™ to those who express interest in them. NOTHING™ is always well-received, except, that is, by mall management who seem to be threatened by our revolutionary, yet humble, product. This has put our sales reps in sticky situations on more than one    
      occasion, and unfortunately led to us being handcuffed not once, but twice. Yes, the Grinch does live on.      
      Check out this website and our blog for more information about the product NOTHING™ and other related topics, such as updates on the trials of our sales reps who were arrested for NOTHING™.

      NEW! Now on YouTube: Advertisement for NOTHING™
      Make a Buy Nothing Day Pledge!

      Also download:

      ·       Gift of Time Certificate
      ·       "Do I Really Want to Buy SOMETHING™?" Wallet Buddy