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Kindly find attached purchase order for clarification. Thank you.  Regards. Kindly find attached purchase order for clarification. Thank you. Regards.
leodegario malicay
Oct 26, 2016
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Thanks for the notification! Warm regards! On Wednesday, 5 October 2016, 7:24, Art Gonzalez wrote: Please do not open and
J. B. Navarra
Oct 4, 2016


hello . good evening . just saw this message. . can i ask for alittle request. . when are you going to have another bgf membership for the acceptance of new
Apr 19, 2016

Fwd: Tigs Tidalgo

Anybody can furnish information about Tigs Tidalgo at the request of his high school classmate in Agusan High? Her email is copied below. Thank you! Jody B.
Jorge "Jody" B. Navarra
Feb 7, 2016

Fw: Fwd: Please pass along--agroforestry position ad

FYI - a job opening in Davao. ... From: MDC Tongco To: rf_discussion@...; wcsp_members@yahoogroups.com;
jurgenne primavera
Jan 26, 2016
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Tigs Tidalgo

Received an email from Tigs Tidalgo's classmate asking about Tigs' next essay. Will there be a new one coming? Please relay this message to Tigs. Thank you!
Jorge "Jody" B. Navarra
Jan 21, 2016

DTI-Endorsed Study on Improving Maritime Connectivity in the Philipp

Dear all, My name is Joseph Noel Rosales Parcon, the grandson of Former Vice Mayor Ramon Rosales. I'm working right now for the Research, Education, and
Joel Parcon
Nov 14, 2015

Re: Our future days....

Its boils down to the bible that teaches us the "Sowing & Reaping" principle.. What you sow, you reap! Sent from my iPhone ... Its boils down to the bible that
Teresita Cayabyab
Nov 14, 2015

Re: Our future days....

It boils down to the "Sowing & Reaping" Principle... In other words, "What you sow, you reap" Sent from my iPhone ... It boils down to the "Sowing & Reaping"
Teresita Cayabyab
Nov 14, 2015

Fw: Check out Tricked and Indebted on Land, Abused or Atubandoned at

Dear All The New York Times article below (thanks to Robin Lewis) tells of such an appalling, heartbreaking yet all too common story that I must share with all
jurgenne primavera
Nov 9, 2015

Re: Our future days....

If the husband showers his love to his partner without reservations, then the Filipina wife reciprocates "till death do us part." It's a debt of gratitude. Dr
Gripaldo Rolando
Nov 5, 2015

Our future days....

As I grow older, I have begun to think about what my life might be like here in the Philippines if I become incapacitated. Will our wife or companion have the
Nov 5, 2015
mallonga realty
Sep 18, 2015

Replacing old roof

For those that have gone thru this, what is your opinion about retrofitting an old metal roof with a new one over it? Do you find that a .5mm is worth the
Sep 18, 2015

Fire insurance

For those of you that have a house here in the Philippines…do you have fire insurance or have considered it. Although my house is structurally hollow block,
Sep 12, 2015
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