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Cutter suction dredger (CSD) for emplyment

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  • Grani Ltd
    31-03-2012 Odessa Ukraine Grani Ltd www.gran-i.com Cutter suction dredger (CSD - non propelled dredging vessel ) - ready for new emplyment starting from
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      31-03-2012 Odessa Ukraine Grani Ltd www.gran-i.com

      Cutter suction dredger (CSD - non propelled dredging vessel ) - ready for new emplyment starting from mid-april 2012.
      Description below -

      Appreciate your interest,

      Best Regards
      Timur Devishev

      Grani Ltd
      Ukraine 65967 Odessa

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      1. General.

      The cutter suction dredger (CSD) is a non propelled dredging vessel to be used for dredging and lakes, rivers and estuary areas. The CSD have a dredgepump driven by 2 main diesel engines in tandem position trough a gearbox.
      There is also an auxialliary engine driven the hydraulic pumps and a compressor. Furthermore there is a dieselengine driven the generator and a harbourset.
      Caterpillar engines are started by air, both Deutz engines are of electric type starting.
      The dredger has a cutterladder with at the end a hydraulic driven cutter, one spud and a spudcarriage with a second spud.
      The dredger can be used for dredging mud, fine sand, medium sand, course sand, course sand/gravel and clay.
      By suctioning the sand through the suctionpipe, the dredger can push it away by the deckpipeline and the floating and/or landpipeline over a certain distance.

      2. Technical Specification

      2.1 General
      Name of ship: KASPIY
      Kind of ship: steel non-propelled cutter suction dredger
      Type: dismountable
      Number of pontoon: 5 pcs
      Built at: IHC Holland
      Year of built: 1976
      Yardnumber: 02090

      2.2 Registration data
      Registration Mark : 14523 Z ROTT 1976

      Gross tonnage: 369 RT
      Net Tonnage: 110 RT
      Light displacemen: 550 LDT
      Classification: RMRS

      3. Dimensions
      Length of hull: 44.16 m
      Length overall : 61.50 m
      Breadth of hull: 11.88 m
      Breath overall: 11.90 m
      Breath outside : 12.10 m
      Depth: 2.83 m
      Depth topside deck: 2.85 m
      Draft: 1.50 m

      Max. dredging depth: 16.00 m
      Diam. sucionpipe: O 700 mm
      Diam. dischargepipe: O 650 mm

      3.1 Spuds
      Number of spuds: 2
      Length: 17 m
      Diameter: O 850 mm
      Spud carriage: yes
      Step of spudcarriage: 4.5 m
      Hydraulic operated: hydraulic cilinder

      4. Installated Power
      4.1 Main engines: Caterpillar 16 cyl.

      Number: 2
      Type: D399TA
      Serial number: 35B2682 / 35B 2700
      Arrangement number : 3N1188 / 3N1189
      Output: 1140 hp each
      Revolutions: 1200 rpm
      Gearbox: Conrad Stork
      Reduction: 3.84:1

      4.2 Auxiliary engine: Caterpillar 12 cyl.

      Number: 1
      Output: 865 hp
      Revolutions: 1200 rpm

      4.3 Auxiliary engine: Deutz 6 cyl.

      Stamford generator: 85 KVA, 125 Amp
      Revolutions: 1500 rpm
      Type: 14J224G14

      4.4 Auxiliary engine: Deutz 4 cyl.

      Generator: 12.5 KVA
      Revolutions: 1500 rpm

      5. Dredgepump
      Make: IHC, Holland
      Type: double walled dredgepump
      Pump type: IHC 190-35-70
      Impeller: 5 bladed
      Rotation: left

      6. Winches
      Ladderwinch: 1 hydraulic ladder winch 20 tons

      Cable diam.: O 30 mm
      Length of cable: 125 m
      Side winches: 2 hydraulic side winches each 12 tons Cable diam.: O26 mm Length of cable: 170 m

      8. Bunkers
      Capacity: 125 cbm in P.S./S.B. sideaft pontoon

      9. Stores: P.S. and S.B. front side pontoon
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