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Small Profitable Projects from China

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  • william
    Have your own profitable factory in 2013 Chinese Machinery = http://www.cenfaith.com A- FOOD MACHINERY a1- rice milling and polishing a2- complete flour mill
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2013
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      Have your own profitable factory in 2013

      Chinese Machinery = http://www.cenfaith.com


      a1- rice milling and polishing
      a2- complete flour mill
      a3- complete biscuit plant
      a4- candy, chocolate and jelly machinery
      a5- juice and drink plant
      a6- corn and cassava starch plant
      a7- mineral water bottling plant
      a8- instant noodles plant
      a9- liquid glucose plant for food industry
      a10- complete chocolate plant
      a11- oil extraction and refining plant
      a12- animal feed and fish meal plant
      a13- pet food production line
      a14- stick ice cream plant


      b1- plastic pipe extrusion line
      b2- plastic sheet (board) extrusion line
      b3- plastic bag-making line
      b4- plastic bottle blowing machines
      b5- plastic injection molding machines
      b6- packing tape(band)line with waste PET bottles
      b7- fruit foam net extrusion line
      b8- PE net extrusion line
      b9- PVC soft sheet extrusion line
      b10- PVC window and door extrusion line
      b11- Plastic film blowing line
      b12- PP woven bag line for rice, cement
      b13- plastic cup making line
      b14- plastic recycle machines
      b15- Self-adhesive tape making line
      b16- plastic barrel (20 -2000 L ) moulding machine
      b17- medical disposable syringes plant
      b18- PE foam sheet extrusion line
      b19- PE bubble sheet production line
      b20- PVC medical glove plant
      b21 car/furniture foam seat injection machine


      c1- Toilet and Laundry Soap Plant USD300,000.00
      c2- Corrugated Paper-box Line USD100,000
      c3- Shoe-making plant USD100,000.00
      c4- paper cup machines USD50,000
      c5- printing machine, cutting machine
      c6- ice-making & cold storage USD100,000
      c7- egg tray molding machine USD100,000
      c8- toothpaste plant USD100,000
      c9- Aluminum foil container machine
      c10- flakes ice machine USD20,000
      c11- industrial sewing machines


      d1- steel bar plant with scraps USD2,000,000
      d2- steel pipe forming line USD200,000
      d3- steel section purlin (Z, C) forming machine USD100,000
      d4- roof profile corrugation with cut to length USD100,000
      sandwich panel production line USD150,000
      d5- red clay brick plant USD200,000
      d7- gypsum board plant USD300,000
      d8- dry ct/pt, current transformer for substation
      d9- active carbon plant USD1,000,000
      d10- LPG filling station USD500,000
      d11 Aluminum sheet casting and rolling line USD 2 MILLION
      d12 steel barrel/tin/can making machines USD200,000
      d13 engine or lubricant oil recycle plant
      d14 wood pellets (bio fuel) plant USD80,000.00
      d15 plywood complete plant USD200,000
      d15 PC board recycling, precious separator USD200,000.00
      d16 flux core welding wire production line
      d17 bulk material handling equipment
      stacker, reclaimer and ship unloader
      d18 WHR (waste heat recovery) for cement plant

      msn: cenfaith@...
      skype: dalianeast

      Liaoning Huiming Machinery Co., Ltd.
      No. 42, Shanghai Road,
      Dalian 116021, China
      Tel: 0086-411-82103333
      Fax: 0086-411-84314574
      Mobile: 0086-13898485256

      Liaoning Hongchang Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
      No. 2, Chaoyang Street, Shoushan Town,
      Liaoyang, Liaoning, China
      Tel : 0086-419-7675200
      Fax : 0086-419-7675656
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