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Pocket Size Welding Machine; Import Offer for Businessmen

"Pocket Size Welding Machine" which carries the brand name Microweld. This product will take the industrial sector by storm, with all the advantages in terms
Apr 23

YLC Entrepreneurship 2015

Looking for future entrepreneurs to apply by June 1, 2015!Deadline for application: June 1, 2015Open to: future entrepreneurs from all over the worldVenue:
Niccole Niccole
Apr 8

Antep Pistachio, Roasted Salty

Hi, My offer for salty roasted Antep pistachio, natural type is  12.05 usd/kg exworks Antep, Turkie.  120 pieces per 100 gr.  20 kg net weight boxes. 
Murat Öztürk
Apr 8

Animals feed products available from Europe!

Dear Members, We are in position to supply best quality and prices of all animals feed products from Europe as following: Bales: 1) ALFALFA HAY
Apr 4

Sea bream, Sea bass, Fresh, Whole

Dear Sir, Miss, Sea bream, fresh, whole, exworks Izmir prices2/3 4.18 eur/kg3/4 4.634/6 4.63 6/8 4.73Seabass, fresh, whole, exworks Izmir prices2/3 3.83
Murat Öztürk
Jan 15

Uzbekistan Raisin Available!!

Dear All, We are in position to supply Uzbekistan Raisin, Golden Raisin Jambu and small sizes, Black Raisin...etc, very good quality and very competitive
Jan 11

Raw Antep Pistachio

Dear Sir, Miss, Raw Antep Pistachio, 1. Class Natural , 2014 August, September crop , conventional 14550 usd/mt  Exworks Antep, Turkie Delivery time
Murat Öztürk
Dec 25, 2014
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Turkish Sultana Raisins

Dear Sir,Miss, My below offer for Turkish Sultana Raisins depends on final approval: Type 8 std, A grade, 12.5 kg cartons  1725 usd / tonne  fob IzmirType 8
Murat Öztürk
Dec 8, 2014

Industrial Turkish Dried Apricot

Dear Sir,Miss, Industrial apricot is 4330 usd/ton FOB Mersin. 12.5 kg boxes.    Best Wishes, Murat Ozturk Cell Phone: +90 532 271 59 45 E -mail: 
Murat Ozturk
Nov 28, 2014

Real offer .....

Dear Sir My name is Waleed Al Bawardi . From Jordan But now i work and live in Kuwait I'd like to offer Sesame from Sudan in any quentaty you want If  you
waleed albawardi
Nov 27, 2014

[PRODUCTS OFFERING] Fashion Products: Leather Jacket & Shoes, sandal

Dear all, We are wholesaler from Indonesia. We would like to offer various fashion products ranging from leather jacket & shoes, sandals, t-Shirt, polo shirt
Yogie G
Nov 20, 2014
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Frozen Whole Chicken

Dear Sir/Madam, If you are interested, frozen Whole Chicken 1400-1500 gr Exworks 1900 usd/ton , Usak Turkie 2 trucks per week Best Wishes, Murat Ozturk Cell
Murat Öztürk
Nov 19, 2014

Chicken leg quarter, Chicken drumstick

Dear Sir,Miss, If you are interested, my exworks Bolu prices: * Chicken leg quarter : 1550 usd/ton * Chicken drumstick : 1950 usd/ton Await your orders. Best
Murat Öztürk
Nov 4, 2014

Afghanistan dry fruits available! !

Dear All, We have available direct from our office in Afghanistan, all kind of dry fruits with very good quality and prices as list bellow: walnut , almond ,
Oct 9, 2014

especially for Eid Festival order

Dear Sir, Good Day! Hope you are fine and I am really pleasurable to inform you, our customers increased in locally and globally for that our import volume is
    Sep 11, 2014
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