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    Latest articles at http://www.MikeHersh.com Please Support Us: http://www.mikehersh.com/supportus.shtml Please Buy Our Items: http://www.bushoccupation.com/
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2003
      Latest articles at http://www.MikeHersh.com

      Please Support Us: http://www.mikehersh.com/supportus.shtml
      Please Buy Our Items: http://www.bushoccupation.com/

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      May 31, 2003

      Bill Clinton
      Never send a Bush to do a President's job
      Mike Hersh asks: How good was the Clinton Presidency? History's pending
      verdict becomes clear when we ignore the hysterics and contrast Bill
      Clinton's success against two failed Bush presidencies which stand as
      gloomy bookends before and after the eight great Clinton years.
      May 29, 2003

      Letters to the Editors
      Chicken Little and the Sky is Falling
      pete streiff writes: Hey, I read with some interest (and I must admit
      much amusement) your article regarding "I'm not gonna get over it"-
      establishing the claim that Bush really did not win the election of
      2000, and that Jeb Bush had his minions rigging the election, and blacks
      were disenfranchised,and Bush's daddy's friends on the court "really"
      elected him, and blah, blah , blah.....

      The editors reply.
      May 29, 2003

      Freedom of Speech on Airwaves
      Robin Thompson writes: Colorado Springs Radio Stations Receive the
      Picket Line from Freedom Fighters. Just weeks ago the Springs Action
      Alliance (SAA), sprang up and decried one local radio station's actions
      against free speech. The group now raises the stakes this week by
      picketing three local radio stations to protest pending FCC rulings
      which would make it easier for large conglomerates to own and control
      all local media. The protest is part of a nationwide series of boycotts
      led by MoveOn, Code Pink, and United for Justice and Peace. On June 2,
      the FCC plans to authorize sweeping changes to the American news media
      that will allow local TV stations, newspapers, radio stations, and cable
      providers to all be owned by one company.
      May 28, 2003

      Bush's Media Partisans Whine Again
      Mike Hersh exposes more bias in the media. Bush's partisans whine when
      one of their usually loyal supporters steps out of line to question "the
      glorious leader." Here, the Daily News attacks Maureen Dowd of the NY
      Times claiming she "famously dislikes" Bush and even "calls him names
      and says mean things about him." Is this the professional media or a
      play school? And why are right wingers picking on Dowd after all the
      praise she's given Bush?

      Maureen Dowd and the NY Times blast Democrats with unfair accusations
      while echoing and amplifying right wing propaganda. One of Dowd's fans
      wrote me, bitterly complaining that I am picking on her too much.
      Clearly he hasn't read her columns with anything close to critical
      scrutiny or this one with anything like basic comprehension.

      May 28, 2003

      Old Republicans Fooling the Public
      An anonymous writer explains "old Republicans" are "fooling the public"
      by using young, impressionable college students. This exposes
      manipulative and malign intentions behind the concerted right wing
      efforts to fund propaganda on campuses which previously cultivated
      extremists like Ann Coulter, Dinesh D'Souza, Ralph Reed and Karl Rove.
      Liberals never even tried to match well-funded Republican programs
      readying another crop of right wing zealots.
      May 25, 2003

      2004 Elections
      Update: Poll full of bad news for Bush
      On April 18, 2003 I wrote an article, Poll full of bad news for Bush:
      "Less than 20 months before Election Day 2004, the mass media
      cheerleaders tell us AWOL Bush is riding high. Fresh from proving peace
      and inspections advocates were correct -- that Saddam Hussein posed no
      threat to Americans -- Bush is riding a wave of faux patriotism and war
      pride. But that wave can't cover up weakness polls reveal." Update:
      Everything I predicted is coming true.
      May 22, 2003

      Letters to the Editors
      You vacuous libs
      Ron Robichaud [mailto:ron@...] writes:
      You vacuous libs have had a long string of mis-calls...you all agreed
      there would be thousands of American dead in Afghanistan. Same for Iraq.
      You fools told us of how the dems would win the senate in 02 and gain
      seats in the house. You're being booed as speakers and booed as singers
      and booed as demonstrators. Despite the never ending proclamations as to
      the idiocy of our President he continues to run circles around you. It
      is time to use your diploma(s) (if you actually have any) for shredder
      tests. On the other side of the coin I must thank you for the comic
      The Editors reply.
      May 22, 2003

      Friedman and Freedom in Iraq
      Mike Hersh writes: Thomas Friedman of the New York Times - and the mass
      media in general - cannot be troubled to hold Bush accountable. After
      tacitly endorsing the series of lies the Bush Administration used to
      justify the war, they now applaud Bush's continuing circus train of
      fabrication, distraction and deception. Hersh runs Friedman's latest
      pro-Bush blather through the wringer looking for something real.
      May 21, 2003

      Bush is doing exactly what bin Laden wants
      Mike Hersh writes: It's pretty clear at this point that Bush is doing
      exactly what bin Laden wants. Not as his goal, perhaps, but certainly in
      effect. During the 1980s, the Republicans broke our laws and spent our
      $billions to build up Saddam Hussein. Unless they were just lying about
      why they were helping Saddam, Iraq provided at least some
      counter-balance against the extreme Islamicists.

      Were the Republicans lying then or are they lying now? And what is Bush
      doing now? Undercutting those we need to keep us safe. Needlessly
      increasing the power of terrorists and the risks they will attack,
      squandering time and resources, and alienating allies we need. The most
      ardent Bush supporter cannot show how any of this makes any US citizen
      any safer.
      May 20, 2003

      IRONY OF IRONIES and DeLay's Gambit
      A Press Release from the Texas Democratic Party explains some odd and
      ironic facts about the absurd situation national and Texas Republicans
      caused. More proof that the ANTI-Republican Party is no longer anything
      honorable. "This ain't Abe Lincoln's GOP." The Feds, under the
      "leadership" of Republican House Leader Tom DeLay are messing with
      Texas. So much for states' rights!

      The Corpus Christi Caller-Times published a letter to the editor by one
      of our readers, Jan Weaver who explains why the Texas Democrats had no
      choice. Subsequent news reports showed these Democrats returning to a
      heroes' welcome.
      May 16, 2003

      When Republicans Attack The Republic
      Mike Hersh writes: Republican right wingers - really wrong whiners -
      never stop. They shamelessly complain that Democrats treat them almost
      as bad as they treat Democrats. The nerve! But the truth is, no one
      treats Republicans the way Republicans treat everyone else. Take the
      judicial appointment controversy.

      Right wing Republicans are not just whiners. They're not just
      hypocrites. These whiny wrong wing Republicans are not just liars.
      They're enemies of the republic itself, and do not deserve the name
      Republican Party.
      May 15, 2003

      Votergate Election Theft
      Becoming A Dissident
      E. OConnell explains how he became a dissident. "The stolen 2000
      election politicized me," he writes, adding, "I discovered my own
      political identity over a period of years as a young man. I always voted
      against the greater of two evils. I had opinions, but I didn't engage,
      didn't march, didn't contribute, and didn't write articles to thousands
      of strangers on email lists. Then they stole the 2000 election."
      May 15, 2003

      Letters to the Editors
      Hate America Firster
      Robert Peck writes: Hate America Firster. I mock you and all your hate
      propaganda. I have an extremely high IQ and can think for my self thank
      you not. Scary is it not? It is so sad to see the leftist, Maoist,
      Stalinist, Fags squirm, not!!!

      The editors doubt Robert Peck has an "extremely high IQ," or that he
      thinks for himself. We do not believe he really voted for Carter,
      Clinton or McDermott. We decry the hate speech and foolishness he spews,
      and we invited you to reply to him. One reader did, and Robert Peck
      blessed us with another serving of his wisdom -- not!
      May 15, 2003

      Letters to the Editors
      Peg Russell makes an interesting suggestion: "I was reading an article
      by Eric Alterman regarding candidates for a 24 hour liberal radio
      station (I'm sure if he was serious or not). I think you'd make a good
      candidate." She also asks: "Can I ask you a question, why do republicans
      get away with death threats?" Mike Hersh responds.
      May 14, 2003

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