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    Recent www.bartcop.com Quotes Being a comedian with Bush becoming president is like being the owner of a hardware store with the storm of the century on the
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      Recent www.bartcop.com Quotes

      "Being a comedian with Bush becoming president is like being the owner of a
      hardware store with the storm of the century on the way: You hate to see it
      happen, but it's great for business."
      -- Dennis Miller, before he cashed the check

      "Congratulations to President Bush! Over the weekend he was inducted into
      the Little League Hall of Excellence. That makes sense - he's sort of like a
      little league president." --David Letterman

      "Bush is taking a month-long "working vacation" in Texas. You can tell Bush
      doesn't want to be disturbed. The instructions on his Oval Office answering
      machine say, 'I'm out of town for a month but, if this is an emergency, you
      can dial Exxon directly.' " -- Bill Maher

      "Because he doesn't want to set the record for being on vacation longer than
      any other president in history, Bush is announced this week that he is ending
      his month long vacation three days early. He is coming back August 31st.
      August 31st is the Friday before Labor Day weekend. So he is coming back to
      work on Friday, what knock off early, maybe 2, 2:30 then go to Camp David for
      some R&R."

      -Jay Leno

      The snot-nosed little rich kid never worked a day in his life. Even when he
      was in the National Guard, he took two years off. He doesn't even know what a
      job is...

      Rush loses his mind, part 1,221

      Quotes "The long-standing tradition has always been a former president
      doesn't criticize a sitting president, and Clinton has done exactly that when
      he installed his hand-picked people to run the DNC." -- Butt Nugget Rush just
      after his last slur, still in the first hour

      HUH?? Clinton is alive and still well liked, isn't, in the Rushlameball
      fevered mind, Clinton even being alive criticism of Bush due to the stunnning
      contrast between the 186 IQ Clinton and 89 IQ Bush?

      More wisdom from Rush, or, just how far off thier rockers the right wingers

      "Ronald Reagan deserves the CREDIT for the massive federal deficits of the
      eighties, because those massive federal deficits handcuffed the big-spending

      Yikes, you gotta love the entertainer Rush...



      BREAKING NEWS from CNN.com -- 2nd quarter U.S. Gross Domestic Product shows
      modest 0.2 percent growth. This can't be right. President Weak and Crooked
      said the economy would grow at 3.5 percent, and that would fund his massive
      tax cuts for the super-rich. Mr. Rove isn't going to like this...

      Add to the growing list of BUSH LIES....

      pResident Weak and Stupid :

      "Turning America around, taking her in a new direction" was the only
      campaign promise the Boy King kept .

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