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Lori Berenson & World Reports update

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  • Jonathan Mark
    Flyby News - www.FlybyNews.com Editor - Jonathan Mark 01 April 2009 - Notes - Lori Berenson has been imprisoned for 13 years. Please note this recent issue
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      Flyby News - www.FlybyNews.com
      Editor - Jonathan Mark
      01 April 2009 -

      Notes - Lori Berenson has been imprisoned for 13
      years. Please note this recent issue posted at
      www.flybynews.com March 30, 2009 -
      Action -- Help Free Lori Berenson. In this issue
      her parents update us about Lori being in her 8th
      month of pregnancy, her health and political
      situation. Please help this woman return from Peru to the United States.

      Following is an excerpt of a Christopher Story
      article about mainstream coverage of the
      financial 'story' of our time. World Reports has
      exposed in detail the crooked derivative mess,
      linking it to the current US financial plan to
      continue ramping it up, and how the rest of the
      world is becoming aware of the nontransparent
      corruption with many countries involved.

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      Tuesday 31 March 2009 20:00

      By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher,
      International Currency Review and associated
      intelligence publications and information services.

      While the Editor was travelling yesterday (he is
      back in London), our report dated 29th (and 28th)
      March was extensively publicised on a British TV
      network, in the afternoon. The two segments that
      were taken up by 'mainstream' TV were the section
      dealing with the Barclays Bank corruption and the
      judicial cover-up, and Lord Oakshott's grim
      exposure of that bank's nefarious operations in
      the House of Lords; and the 'dialogue' between
      President Obama and The Queen, written by the
      Editor of this service on the basis of 'relevant information'.

      Apparently the fact that our reports were taken
      up by 'mainstream' TV annoyed some people, as
      though we ourselves sought that coverage. No, we
      did not. We haven't solicited independent
      coverage for anything that we have ever
      publicised. There's no need to. That's the whole point.

      It is interesting that those who were annoyed,
      reacted to the reports 'going mainstream'. Think
      about that. What this implies is that, as we have
      said before, so long as the reports are somehow
      confined to the Fifth Estate, there's not a
      problem (of exposure): but when the crossover
      takes place, these people get rattled. THIS IS
      BACK TO FRONT. We know for a fact that our
      readership, per report, exceeds the total
      circulations of all British newspapers combined.
      Therefore, the boot should be on the other foot:
      it is the Fifth Estate that has been spearheading
      these exposures, not the 'mainstream': it didn't
      wake up to the fact that there was a problem
      until the roof was about to fall in. Everyone
      knows this, so it astonishes us that our
      crossover into the 'mainstream' was a problem for
      those who were 'annoyed'. They seem to be somewhat behind the curve here.

      This also shows that the 'mainstream', realising
      it is being deceived, manipulated, controlled and
      lied to, is now accessing those sources of
      information that can be trusted within the Fifth
      Estate (a.k.a. the Internet). This is a NEW development.

      And pertinent to this was our reference in the
      30th March report to the likelihood that
      'mainstream' journalists are venting their
      professional annoyance, even anger, at being
      deceived, manipulated, controlled and lied to, by
      rubbishing the characters and behaviour of key
      globalist operatives on the stage ahead of the
      overhyped G-20 meeting to be held out at that dump in Canning Town.

      Concerning which, everything, we understand, is
      going pearshaped in sync, given that:

      * As widely publicised, President Sarkozy of
      France has threatened to walk out of the dump if
      the meeting papers over the cracks and doesn't
      tackle the fundamental problems head-on: but his
      definition of the underlying problems remains
      unclear as he doesn't define his terms.

      * President Obama blocked the releases yesterday,
      according to informed sources: because:

      * The payee countries are squabbling among
      themselves, with the big powers and with the
      United States, over what projects are to be
      funded, who is getting what, when, and/or all of the above, and:

      * Our sources stress that President Obama wants the payouts done properly.

      * NOTE: This is what we are being advised.
      However we remain AGNOSTIC as to whether this is
      a cover for a failure to release, or the
      opposite. Right now, it's not yet clear.

      * Memorandum item: Republican crooks in the
      Congress are reported to be wingeing because they
      aren't getting the kickbacks to which they've
      become accustomed. Applies to the others, too.

      As reported earlier, a leaflet containing three
      charts extracted from International Currency
      Review, Volume 34, #2, distributed in March, has
      been disseminated to relevant quarters in
      Washington DC and in the Virginia area. The
      charts show the participation of General Motors,
      Ford Motor Company, and General Electric in the
      MBS-CDO-CDS Fraudulent Finance Non-recourse
      Carousel. Extensive coverage of this corruption
      is provided in the International Currency Review presentation.

      Mr Wagoner, CEO of General Motors was 'removed'
      from his post SPECIFICALLY because of GM's
      participation in these transactions, we have been advised.

      ? A subtle point is appropriate here. Do not
      imagine for a single moment that there was ever
      any intention that Mr Wagoner should leave his
      post, UNTIL the participation of GM in this
      Fraudulent Finance activity was publicised: but
      given that International Currency Review Volume
      34. #2 is now resident on desks and in official
      offices all around the world, there was nothing
      much they could do to de-publicise it, especially
      since we have distributed the leaflet with the
      charts showing how this scam was perpetrated and
      how General Motors, in receipt of colossal US
      taxpayer funds, had been engaged in these
      activities. Another component of the Octopus's scamming activity BLOWN.

      The Metropolitan Police have updated the press
      concerning the outcome, at least that element
      thereof that can be reported for public
      consumption, of the massive police raids on
      'Safety Lock Boxes' located in Mayfair, Edgeware
      and Hampstead, previously reported by this service.

      In a conversation with Scotland Yard's Press
      Office on 31st March, the Editor established that
      2,457 lock boxes and their contents were restored
      to their rightful owners, while more than 3,500
      of the boxes and their contents were confiscated
      and have triggered massive worldwide investigations.

      Bear in mind, when reading what follows, that we
      are NOT being told that the Lock Boxes held the
      stolen and other collateral used for Fraudulent
      Finance operations, because this subject remains
      taboo except with the Fifth Estate. However
      reading between the lines, the following summary
      of the police update, which appeared in The
      Times, London, dated 25th March 2009 [page 17],
      is quite revealing, under the circumstances. The
      Editor spoke to the Press Office to check out the report:

      'A police raid [backed by 300 heavily armed
      police marksmen - Ed.] on safety deposit boxes
      has revealed "an Aladdin's cave of criminality"
      spanning murder, money-laundering, paedophilia,
      people-trafficking and drug-running, leading to
      1,000 separate inquiries around the world'.

      'More than 3,500 deposit boxes were raided last
      June by officers from the Metropolitan Police's
      Specialist Crime Directorate. They seized £35
      million in cash, of which £1.0 million has yet to
      be claimed, dozens of passports, cocaine, FORGED
      BANKING BONDS, including one for $4.95 million,
      and suitcases full of gold and cannabis
      (marijuana). The Times has learned that the
      contents of some of the boxes are being
      investigated by the Counter Terrorism Command'.

      'Seven hundred of the box-holders are being
      referred to Customs for suspected tax evasion
      involving £15.0 million. So far, 11 people have
      been charged in connection with the raid(s),
      codenamed Operation Rize, and 40 people have been arrested'.

      'Detective Chief Inspector Mark Ponting, from the
      Economic and Special Crime Command, said: '"Some
      of the boxes have not been accessed for some
      years, including boxes that contain millions of
      pounds. Some belonged to prisoners hoping to pick
      up their stashes on emerging from jail'.

      ? But of course, this is only the information
      that's allowed out FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION.

      Truncated, for complete article, see:


      Financial Analyses -
      <http://worldreports.org/news>World Reports - Global Intelligence
      31 March 2009
      Criticism of the Corruption Goes 'Mainstream'
      30 March 2009
      Catches Up With Criminal Institutions
      It's Not 'The Economy, Stupid': Its ‘The Derivatives, Stupid’
      15 February 2009
      Banker's Ramp to Continue Under Obama

      <http://www.commondreams.org/headline/2009/03/23-7>23 March 2009
      Nobel Laureate Krugman Slams
      <http://www.commondreams.org/headline/2009/03/23-7>Geithner Bailout Plan

      29 March 2009
      judge to hear torture
      case against six Bush officials

      was victim of medieval torture,’
      says freed Guantanamo detainee

      March 2009 - Serbia
      squad leader ‘was top CIA agent’

      <http://911blogger.com/node/19522>Live Avian Flu & Human Flu Viruses
      mixed, then sent to several European facilities

      01 April 2009
      <http://www.naturalnews.com/z025971.html>Irradiated Foods Cause
      Severe Neurological Damage

      <http://www.wearechange.org/>WE ARE CHANGE - members arrested
      <http://www.wearechange.org/>Mayor Bloomberg Escapes 9/11 Interview!

      <http://pl911truth.com/>Political Leaders For 9/11 Truth Web Site!

      <http://911blogger.com/node/19439>William Rodriguez vindicated
      <http://911blogger.com/node/19439>by Newly Released 9/11 Commission Notes

      & Deception:
      Interview with Kevin Ryan on 9/11

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