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Sheehan 9/11 * William Rodriguez * Architects

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  • Jonathan Mark
    Flyby News Notes - Editor - Jonathan Mark - FlybyNews.com May 31, 2007 -
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2007
      Flyby News Notes -
      Editor - Jonathan Mark - FlybyNews.com
      May 31, 2007 -
      9/11 * William Rodriguez * Architects

      " There's battle lines being drawn Nobody is right If everybody's wrong
      Young people speaking their minds Getting so much resistance From behind
      It's time we stop, hey, what's that sound Everybody looks what's going down."

      -- Buffalo Springfield

      1) Sheehan: Twin Towers' Collapse Looked Like Controlled Demolition
      - - Democrats in Washington Want To Keep Impeachment Off The Table
      - - WNBC catches Giuliani getting 'tripped up' by 9/11 activist
      - - Rosie Odonnell – blog safety nets – her view
      - - Olbermann has yet another Murrow Moment
      2) William Rodriguez, 9/11 hero for fallen comrades
      - - Architects & Engineers for 911Truth Launched, Petition
      - - Former Head of Star Wars says 9/11 an inside job
      - - Greg Palast Discredits 911 truth or himself
      - - Friendly Fire: Army Sergeant demoted for questioning 9/11

      Editor’s Notes:

      This issue holds stories of heroines and heroes
      calling for investigations in what could help
      free us from a dictatorship and 1984-newspeak
      consciousness. Cindy Sheehan breaks the anti-war
      peace code and discusses 9/11 with Alex Jones.
      Sheehan admits to what appears to her as
      demolitions, not fires, that brought down the
      three WTC buildings. Cindy has had enough with
      the Democratic Party rule for keeping the war and
      occupation going, Cindy is following another
      path, one of independence, and supports 9/11
      families calling for answers, not misleading
      investigations. The joke of Rudy Giuliani as a
      9/11 hero is beginning to be obvious. The real
      9/11 hero was <http://william911.com/%22>William
      Rodriguez, who was the last man out of the towers
      before collapse. It is best to hear this story
      from William Rodriguez in his own words. Here is
      a youtube link:
      Rodriguez, The Last Man Out!

      “The View” had scheduled William Rodriguez and
      Dylan Avery of Loose Change as guests for their
      live program last Thursday. However, the show was
      preempted by a "special" Bush no-news conference.
      Then we hear that Rosie quit The View. In the
      following day or two, ABC TV news features a
      segment to belittle anyone believing in a
      government conspiracy, like in the JFK
      assassination. [Even though a Congressional
      investigation of the late 1970's ruled that there
      was a 95 percent chance of a conspiracy in the
      murder.] Now, as fate turns out, we have Rosie
      and Cindy pulling back, somewhat, and questioning
      the WTC 9/11 building demolitions. The battle
      lines are drawn, can buildings fall out of the
      sky as by magic, with no historic precedent or
      scientific debate? Where are we headed?

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      For FN's resource page, see:
      Evidence of Extreme Global Warming

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      May 31, 2007 -
      9/11 * William Rodriguez * Architects
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