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Impact Key Senate races. Time is of essence. We can do it! - encourage people to register and donate

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      Dear Theresa j.,
      Now the election is less than 40 days away -- and the critical end-of-the-quarter reporting deadline is less than 40 hours away. Please act.
      The Rove Republicans count these as their days -- the time when they unleash their attacks, play the fear card, empty their warchests, and, smug grins in place, hold on to power.
      By acting right now to help four candidates locked in tough, must-win Senate races, you can make sure they don't succeed in using the politics of fear to distract people from their stunning failures and their utter incompetence.
      Impact Key Senate Races Before the September 30 Deadline.
      Thousands of people have already acted. With Wednesday's Senate fundraiser, the total we've raised to help candidates in the 2006 elections went to over $9.2 million. Let's keep the momentum going.
      Help Ben Cardin, who is running in Maryland against a Republican candidate personally recruited by George W. Bush and Karl Rove.
      Donate to Jon Tester in Montana, whose opponent, Conrad Burns, is mired in the Abramoff lobbying scandal and beholden to the special interests.
      Give to Jim Webb, who has the upper hand against the bumbling, troubling campaign of Virginia's Senator George Allen.
      Contribute to Sheldon Whitehouse, who is ready, willing and able to stand with Democrats on all the tough votes -- and eager to help put the Senate in Democratic hands.
      Impact Key Senate Races Before the September 30 Deadline.
      Usually I ask you to pick one or two candidates to support. And, if you have candidates you particularly want to support, I urge you to do so.
      But this time, I hope you'll consider doing even more than that. If at all possible, send a generous donation to as many candidates as you can. In the final six weeks of this campaign, that's the kind of commitment that it's going to take to win.
      Remember, the midnight September 30 deadline is almost here. Please act right now.
      John Kerry

      Paid for by Friends of John Kerry.
      Authorized by Ben Cardin for Senate
      Authorized by Montanans for Tester
      Authorized by Webb for Senate 2006
      Authorized by Whitehouse '06

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