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Sen. Kerry on Meet the Press

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  • Mike Hersh
    Even as a Dean supporter, I appreciated Sen. Kerry s appearance on Meet the Press. I ve seen him better, but I ve also seen him worse. For example, his recent
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2003
      Even as a Dean supporter, I appreciated Sen. Kerry's appearance on Meet
      the Press. I've seen him better, but I've also seen him worse. For
      example, his recent speech to the VFW - a group eager to applaud him
      based on his standing as a decorated Vietnam Vet - was uninspired at
      best. I wrote a long article about that, but I want to avoid negative
      comments about potential Democratic nominees.

      To keep things positive, I can't stress enough how much better Kerry
      jousting against Russert was compared to his speech "addressing the
      troops." I expect to see Kerry to kick it up, as he did for the best
      parts of his MTP interview which seemed like a Howard Dean
      impersonation. The louder tones and the actual text were welcome changes
      for Kerry whose performance had been too gentle and too respectful of
      Bush, in my opinion.

      Kerry did a good job making points I see Howard Dean make better, and he
      shrunk from going after Bush, but his overall performance was far
      superior to his VFW speech. I hope Kerry will step up and confront Bush
      directly. That would help him - or whoever else the Democrats nominate
      next year - beat Bush when it counts. Of course I think that nominee
      will be Dean, but I hope for the best for all the Democratic contenders.
      The more dynamic, thinking and powerful critics we have exposing
      Bush/Cheney crimes and abuses the better.


      MikeHersh.com - http://www.mikehersh.com
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