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  • Bush_Occupation@yahoogroups.com
    Mar 1, 2013
      Bush is not worthy of the job he stole. He said he trusted the
      people, but when We the People elected Al Gore, Bush sued the
      people. The rest is infamy. Bush is not qualified. We will never
      stop protesting his illegal selection as pResident.

      We're working hard to force the media to cover our issues and
      standing up to this hideous administration. You can help!

      Please contribute ideas and support the "Become the Media Project" - http://tinyurl.com/cxe3p
      Buy Shirts, Stickers, Buttons and More: Openly Oppose Bush Store - http://www.cafepress.com/antibush04

      Please support our groups and efforts with a contribution:
      To donate any amount http://www.mikehersh.com and look in the
      upper left corner.

      To donate $20.00 http://www.tinyurl.com/77ykl
      To donate $50.00 http://www.tinyurl.com/a7eeb
      To donate $100.00 http://www.tinyurl.com/aeo53
      To donate $250.00 http://www.tinyurl.com/9abfb


      Please follow our simple posting rules. We will enforce them
      by suspending posting privileges of those who don't cooperate.

      1. Do not forward messages or send attachments to this group.
      Due to viruses and worms, Yahoo deletes those because of our
      settings. Those posts come to us with "non-text items removed"
      and nothing else. Or they come as an unreadable mess leading to:

      2. Submit your posts as plain text in the body of the email,
      formatted well enough so people can read them easily. We will
      reject hard-to-read posts. After all, why bother sending "jink"
      posts people can't or won't read? What's the point?

      3. Post ONLY about our issues and concerns. Do not post about
      saving money on groceries, online dating clubs, and other spam.
      We will reject posts which detract from our focus and mission.

      4. Don't "quote" or include lengthy messages when you reply to
      others' posts. Only include a few lines from previous posts.

      We're only human and we're all volunteers. We don't appreciate
      anything that creates tedious work for us and takes time away from
      our activism. If you don't follow these simple rules, we will
      suspend your privileges. If you work against us, we'll ban you.

      Thanks for helping us run this group by cooperating.

      A few simple rules to help us oust the illegal Bush Occupation

      We're focused on discussion, news, and views to oust the illegal Bush
      Occupation from our White House and its allies from government power.
      We remain focused on ending the Bush Occupation, promoting political
      sanity and restoring the vital center. Time before the US elections is
      running short. Please remain on topic and respectful of other members.

      Please DO NOT post any Palestinian or Israeli articles or comments -
      pro, anti or neutral - at this group. We cannot afford a divisive and
      endless off topic debate which only undermines our efforts.

      We understand some people remain compelled to make post after post about
      Palestinians or Israelis, but we're not having that here. We set up a
      separate group for people wishing to engage in that debate:


      We don't care who has been posting on the Palestinian / Israeli
      conflicts at this group before now. We don't care who anyone thinks
      "started it" (here or in the Middle East). We are reaffirming the
      purpose of this group. Please respect our mission. Starting April 24,
      2004 if anyone posts anything pro or con either "side" of this
      controversy they will be banned. No appeal, no second chances. Thanks
      for helping us stay focused by following these few, simple rules.


      DISCLAIMER: We do not advocate violence or the election of any
      candidate. FAIR USE NOTICE: This site distributes information in the
      due course of offering criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching,
      scholarship, and / or research, to promote and advance understanding of
      issues regarding the environment, politics, health care, economics,
      democracy, freedom, science, social justice, peace, civil, human, and
      equal rights. This is not an infringement of copyright under Title 17,
      Chapter 1, Section 107: http://www4.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.html
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