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Re: Playa Dreams & Personal Short Comings

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  • signesanti
    Tama, I have no firm answers to help you get to the Playa this year. I have had to put off my own plans until next year, so I can identify with your angst.
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 1, 2009

      I have no firm answers to help you get to the Playa this year. I have had to put off my own plans until next year, so I can identify with your angst.

      However, I am so impressed that you bared your soul to the whole fam damily. That takes guts, and, as an observer, I am wondering if that is the spiritual lesson of this exercise.

      In other words, getting to the Playa may or may not happen, but the fact that you allowed yourself to ask for help (a challenge many of us face) just took a Big Giant Step.

      Anyway, my suggestion: try pawn shops. Craig's List. Ask your clients what they would do in your place - one of them may have an idea or step up to the plate, or know someone who will. Network, network, network.

      BUT: do not be attached to the results, just keep an open mind and see what happens. If you go, great. But if you don't go, that's ok too. It means that you have started planning early so you can go next year. :-)

      I hope that helps, much love and kisses to a sister-in-fire :-), peace signe

      --- In Burnt-Oranges-Events@yahoogroups.com, "inkedfireangel" <InkedFireAngel@...> wrote:
      > I had hopes that this would be my year to make it to the playa. I started all my planning and thought that everything was going the right way. I had hope in my heart and was preparing for the life altering experience that is Burning Man.
      > Then life decided it had other plans.
      > When this happened, instead of scrambling to figure it out. I became overwhelmed with sadness and in my usual fashion, suffered silently. I lost my power of manifestation and sunk deeper into a hole. It was as if all the hope had been ripped from the deepest part of my soul. I was consumed by the darkness and unable to see the light or move towards it. All I could do was cry as I watched my dream die. It had come to a point where the very mention of the playa would sting me inside and although I would fake a smile, I would swallow back the tears as I listened closely to the sound of my heart breaking within my chest. This was my short coming. I did not rise above the adversity and beat it back but instead, let it break me down. I was weary from one month of traveling that I just did not have the energy to fight.
      > Then, last night, some dear friends, knowing me better than I know myself, shined a light. They reminded me of how much I wanted this. They reminded me how blessed I am that I have such amazing souls in my life. They pushed me to make this happen. They reminded me that I have things to offer in exchange to those who will help make my dreams a reality. Between massage and my overall willingness to help others when it is needed, I should be able to reach out and make this happen.
      > And so, here I am.
      > I took a step and got a ring that I have appraised in hopes of selling it to make the journey. The appraisal value is $3300. The problem…..selling it in time. I've been told that in the end I will only be able to fetch about 1500-2000 for it but my gosh….that will get me there and handle the home expenses that have been looming over my head and holding me back.
      > So…now what?
      > Do I reach out to people I know who can afford the load and who can have the ring as collateral until I get a buyer? Do I even know anyone who can do this? Do I whore out my service? I'm at a loss. My brain just doesn't seem to be cooperating with me at the moment and I can't see clearly.
      > Reaching out for help (which any of you who know me, know, this is not something I am good at). Asking for help is something I just do not do (unless you are my parents)
      > But I want to get to the playa this year! I must get there. Now more than ever I need this change in my life. I don't think I have ever been more ready and this quest for help is a giant leap for me, perhaps part of my own evolution.
      > So here I am……a broke ass burner trying to regain the hope in her heart. I am determined and willing and reaching out to anyone who can help or possibly send me in a better direction.
      > Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?
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