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PreHeat 2009 Wrap Up

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  • pwrstrm
    So do you have any idea how many hours you spent planning this, Erroll an accountant and fellow Burner asked. Absolutely no idea, I casually replied as I
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 29, 2009
      "So do you have any idea how many hours you spent planning
      this," Erroll an accountant and fellow Burner asked.

      "Absolutely no idea," I casually replied as I took in the view
      of our little city from the seat of my golf cart, "I don't keep
      track…it really doesn't feel like work."

      Over the past year I have had the pleasure of witnessing the growth of
      our community in enthusiasm, involvement, art, and population. And as
      the city of PreHeat 2009 took shape, this growth was its heart beat.
      Volunteers from previous years returned to take on key leadership roles
      while virgins roamed the event in search of ways they could volunteer
      and pitch in. Invitation sales were up by 63% and by the Opening
      Ceremony on Friday night there were already 360 Participants on site.
      There were twenty-two theme camps that pre-registered, including our
      first Village – The Kingdom of Wongo, which included four theme
      camps and two art installations. The Beat Freaks who had brought a
      10'x10' pop-up to AfterBurn 2008 returned to their second Burn
      with a MASSIVE structure that included a dance floor, video wall, chill
      out space, and DJ stand. Puzzled Camp hosted PreHeat's first
      wedding where Ben and Whitney climbed onto a 3D wedding cake puzzle and
      took their first shots as husband and wife. PVM brought Florida's
      first Playa-bound large scale Mutant Vehicle - the Naughti Bus - on its
      inaugural journey while The Bed returned to take even more dreamers on
      adventures as grassboarding returned to Maddox ranch.

      PreHeat 2009 also brought into the spotlight the variety of all the
      amazing performers in our community. Sparks and Miles created the S&M
      Playplace as a performance space that featured black lights and a shadow
      wall. They hosted Friday's Opening Ceremony as well as the Skills &
      Thrills show that featured performances such as poetry, singing,
      harmonica, and various styles of dancing from shadow to traditional
      hula. Saturday night was filled with amazing performance after amazing
      performance as the Skills & Thrills show progressed into the traditional
      Fire Conclave and then into a performance by Lee Coombs at the Beat

      And once again, the art was everywhere. From small installations like
      the altar to St. Miles to the 40' labyrinth of light in the heart of
      the Wongo Village, all throughout the event there was art. Rob L
      branched out this year and brought a "Second Life" paper flower
      while PVM brought the Mandela and the Beta Fish returned. The art of
      clay was featured at the ClayPen where Participants could sculpt with
      clay or get lessons on throwing clay pots on a spinning wheel, and live
      clay firings were done daily. There were also camps featuring quilting
      and stuffed animal sculpting.

      On Saturday afternoon the festivities quieted down briefly as the annual
      Town Hall meeting was held and the community was given an opportunity to
      discuss the direction of our growth. It was also announced that Burnt
      Oranges would be issuing its first annual Interactive Art Grant for
      nearly $4,000.

      And with all this growth, PreHeat still maintained its reputation for
      having the cleanest Potties - nineteen of them! The order of the
      Guardians of the Loo (GLOO) was introduced with its champion DC Brian as
      Pottie Man, sporting a toilet seat around his neck he preached to the
      masses about the importance of Pottie Etiquette. The Earth Guardians
      report that MOOP was minimal again this year although a Parliament
      smoker MOOPed butts all over Wongo, someone left a pile of Red Stripe
      beer bottles, and a few unmentionables had to be retrieved from the

      And all this wonderful art, interaction, participation, and beauty was
      able to take place despite state-wide and county-wide burn bans. Yes,
      that's right, burn bans were in force during the event making it
      impossible to burn the effigy or even have a community bonfire. Even
      without the draw of a central fire, the Participants still came together
      and created new foundations for artistic and community growth.


      2009 Final Budget



      Potties (5 days)


      Golf Carts & Gas 492


      Business Tax Reserve 2,742




      Paypal Fees





      Artist Grants


      Native Energy Donation 100

      Polk County Fire Services Donation 200


      Event Shirts/Stickers 542

      Volunteer Badges 26







      Although everyone is focused on the Burn right now, preparations for
      AfterBurn 2009 are under way as well. With all the lessons learned at
      PreHeat, AfterBurn promises to yet another brilliant event! AfterBurn
      will be November 6 – 8, 2009.

      Your Humble Servant,


      Executive Director, Burnt Oranges Inc.

      Burning Man Regional Contact – Central Florida

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    • robl_robl
      Storm, Thank You!
      Message 2 of 3 , Jul 30, 2009
        Thank You!
      • TC
        ... I am so looking forward to AfterBurn, I cant wait my toes are tingling and i watch my preheat video almost everyday and miss all my new family if theirs
        Message 3 of 3 , Jul 30, 2009
          --- In Burnt-Oranges-Events@yahoogroups.com, "robl_robl" <robl_robl@...> wrote:
          > Storm,
          > Thank You!

          I am so looking forward to AfterBurn, I cant wait my toes are tingling and i watch my preheat video almost everyday and miss all my new family if theirs anything i can do to help I'm here
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