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Translation of Polish Hymn

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  • Andy Golebiowski
    Hi Elizabeth and all, Thank you for your patience in waiting for the translation of the Polish hymn Zdrowas Maryjo . I also found a couple of other versions
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 8, 2003
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      Hi Elizabeth and all,
      Thank you for your patience in waiting for the translation of the
      Polish hymn "Zdrowas Maryjo".

      I also found a couple of other versions on the internet. (Google
      has a Polish site at www.google.pl)

      Below is the translation of the old Polish hymn (prayer ?) that
      Elizabeth requested. I have to thank my mom for assistance.
      The Polish language used in the prayer is at times archaic,
      poetic and specific to Catholicism.

      If anyone has any suggestions regarding getting it to flow better
      as a prayer in English, please post them.

      Andy Golebiowski
      Buffalo, NY

      Zdrowas Maryo, Boga Rodzico
      Hail Mary, Mother of God

      Blagamy Ciebie, swieta Dziewico
      We implore you, Oh Holy Virgin

      Niech laska Twoja zawsze nam sprzyja
      May Your Grace always be with us

      Modl sie za nami, Zdrowas Marya!
      Hail Mary, Pray for us !

      Wsrod czystych duchow w obliczu Pana,
      Among the Clean Spirits in the Lord's countenance,

      Tys przenajswietsza, niepokalana,
      You are the Most Holy, Immaculate,

      Jak w posrod kwiatow wonna lilia,
      Like the sweet-smelling lily among the flowers,

      Jak wsrod gwiazd zorza. Zdrowas Marya!
      Like the brightest star in the sky, Hail Mary !

      Ty, cos karmila swiata Zbawienie,
      You who nourished the Savior of the world,

      I nam, jak Matka, daj pozywienie,
      Nourish us also like a mother,

      Niech brak zywnosci nas nie zabija,
      Let lack of food not kill us,

      Bron nas od glodu. Zdrowas Marya!
      Protect us from hunger, Hail Mary !

      Ty, cos plakala nad smiercia Syna,
      You, who cried at the death of Your Son,

      Przez Twe lzy gorzkie, Matko jedyna,
      Through Your bitter tears, the one true Mother,

      Oddal smiertelnosc, co lud wybija,
      Take away mortality which murders the people,

      Bron nas od moru. Zdrowas Marya!
      Save us from the plague. Hail Mary !

      Ty, cos nie znala innych plomieni
      You, who knew no other flames

      Nad milosc Boza, prosim strwozenie:
      Greater than God's Love, frightened we ask:

      Spraw, niechaj pozar dom nasz omija,
      Allow that fire pass our homes,

      Bron nas od ognia. Zdrowas Marya!
      Save us from fire. Hail Mary !

      Ty, w calem zyciu lagodna, cicha,
      You who are gentle and calm,

      Daj, niech pokojem kraj nasz oddycha,
      Let our Country breathe the breath of peace,

      Niech sie niezgoda w swiecie nie zwija,
      May discord not settle on earth,

      Bron nas od wojny. Zdrowas Marya!
      Protect us from war. Hail Mary !

      Krolowo nasza wsrod Cherubinow!
      Our Queen among the Cherubim !

      Uslysz pokorny glos ziemi synow,
      Hear the humble voice of your earthly sons,

      Co sie do tronu Twojego wzbija.
      Which soars to Your throne,

      Modl sie za nami. Zdrowas Marya!
      Pray for us. Hail Mary !
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