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Re: [BuffaloHistory] Warmth from Buffalo native in California

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  • Deb
    Nelson, I lived at the end of Springfield Drive... third street back from the 33. It was (and I think, still is) turquoise and white. I remember the pony man
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      I lived at the end of Springfield Drive... third street back from the 33. It was (and I think, still is) turquoise and white. I remember the pony man came around with a truck and the ponies... I was only 5 at the time. That would have been 1963...?

      I'm afraid I don't recall the people... since ponies and horses have always been a huge passion in my life, I can tell you pretty much anything about a horse but rarely recognize people... :-)

      It's terrific to say hi to you online all these years later, though! You probably have no idea just how excited I was, and how much joy you gave me with those rides!! ***Thank you***


      (ps, email me offlist if you'd like to see the link to my website- loaded with my artwork- all horses...)

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      I think I might have given you one of those pony rides. We had two ponies
      and the other boy had a limp. Do you remember that?

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      >My family still lives in Buffalo, and so I'm still very interested in
      >what happens to the area and the people. Of course the big news
      >lately is the snow. It's made the national and local news; the media
      >loves drama. I was in the BLizzard of '77, and my mom was trapped
      >downtown at the Blue Cross/ Blue Shield Building where she worked at
      >the time. She was there for three days without blankets or a pillow.
      >Does anyone have any photos of the old Buffalo Train Station on the
      >East Side? Whatever did they do with that? So often I'd heard someone
      >was going to restore that place, and- last I knew- nothing ever
      >My last visit to Buffalo was for Thanksgiving, 1999. My brother just
      >bought a home in Cheektowaga off Harlem, hear the 33. We grew up at
      >Harlem and Genesee in the 60's and 70's. That was around the time
      >that the Harlem-Genesee Nursery burned down. The Hess and Bement
      >Dairy made the best ice cream in the world at George Urban and
      >Harlem; (on a hot day you had to stand in a very long line to get in!)
      >Roller skating at the Airport Roller Rink was the only way to spend a
      >weekend; and the Thruway Plaza sign still sparkled a huge Christmas
      >star this time of year over an outdoor strip mall of shops.
      >Other things I remember:
      >~ pony rides when I lived in the Tiorunda apartments (near rtes. 33
      >and 90 in Cheektowaga) in the early 1960's.
      >~ a small plane crashed near the airport into a house in the early
      >70's (?)
      >~ I was in the last graduating class of Pine Hill Elementary before
      >they tore the old one down to build the "new" one.
      >~ Black flies near the Niagara River in summer.
      >~ the propane explosion in 1983- I was living in Depew, probably 10
      >miles away by air, and my windows and door shook. I thought a bomb
      >went off.
      >~ the city riots in the late 60's.
      >~ the nights the city was on curfew due to a murderer. We heard he
      >might actually be in our area. Isn't it ironic how we've come to
      >expect the nightly murder count in many U.S. cities- and no curfew?
      >~ hurricane of 1972
      >~ Allentown Art Festival
      >~ The year they shut down Niagara Falls to shore up the rocks. Anyone
      >have photos of the river ice formations that winter?
      >~ Pierre somebody walked over the gorge on a tightrope (and was
      >promptly arrested afterwards.)
      >~ The year the WGR helicopter crashed in the fog near the whirlpools
      >at the falls. The pilot and a favorite broadcaster were killed in the
      >crash. (mid to late 1980's.)
      >~ "Shane, Brother Shane" on WKBW Radio; getting fired, then getting
      >re-hired at WGR, where he worked for many years. Where is he now??
      >~ The first laserlight and music show at the Falls for the Fourth of
      >July. (mid 80's)
      >~ the old days of the "Buffalo Evening News."
      >~ the "Courier-Express."
      >~ home milk delivery in bottles to our small square metal milkboxes.
      >(Jones-Rich Milk.)
      >~ driving through the underground airport tunnel to see if it really
      >was soundproof when a jet went over top.
      >~ watching the planes from the paint shop parking lot across from the
      >airport on Sundays.
      >I'm sure I'll think of more.
      >My mom moved to Black Rock to be near her folks there in the early
      >1980's, and still llives in Buffalo, although she finally put the
      >place up for sale, and wants to move out near the grandkids (anyone
      >want to buy a nice house?) We keep in close contact through icq and
      >email, and of course now with the internet we can all read the
      >Buffalo News or subscribe to newsletters from tv stations. It's so
      >much easier now than writing letters and watching the mail waiting
      >for a return. Now I just sit and watch my email. :-)
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