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Fw: Delaware Park 1812 memorial at the Buffalo Zoo

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  • Cynthia Van Ness
    Of possible interest...   *:-.,_,.-:* `` *:-.,_,.-:* `` *:-.,_,.-:* `` *:-.,_,.-:* `` *:-.,_,.-* Cynthia Van Ness, MLS bettybarcode AT yahoo DOT com
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      Of possible interest...

      Cynthia Van Ness, MLS
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      >Subject: Delaware Park 1812 memorial at the Buffalo Zoo
      >Dear friends,

      >You are receiving this email because you have shown interest in this story in the past, and I wanted everyone to see that efforts are quickly moving forward for a memorial to be placed by this Memorial Day, after the final pieces of the plan just fell into place.

      >There is a lot of money to raise, and a stone to design, but we can get it done. The following press release will be sent out today...

      >You can read more about the Mound in Meadow or donate at http://www.staffannouncer.com/meadow.htm

      >And watch the video which tells the story of the Mound in the Meadow... and our plans for a new memorial on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXprNGwQmb8&feature=youtu.be

      >Thanks for your continued help.

      >Steve Cichon


      >GRASSROOTS EFFORT TO HONOR 1812 WAR DEAD STILL BURIED IN DELAWARE PARK GOLF COURSEBuffalo Zoo offers gate entrance as site for a permanent, visible memorial to
      >"Buffalo's Tomb of the Unknowns" PRESS CONTACT:
      >Steve Cichon (cell) 479-3173
      >Buffalo, NY (staffannouncer.com) - On Memorial Day 2011, dozens of Western New Yorkers rallied to remember and honor the sacrifices made on the very spot 199 years before, planting 300 flags in the Delaware Park meadow.

      >The winter of 1812-13 was a particularly harsh one, and the soldiers who came to Buffalo from warmer southern climates were not ready for the brutality of the season. Hundreds camped in the area surrounding what is now the Delaware Park Golf Course without boots or blankets. Many lived in open-ended tents, and had only occasional rancid food.

      >About 300 men who came to fight the British at the US/Canada border instead died in the area where we now recreate. There they were buried, in a mass unmarked grave; known to Buffalonians past as "Buffalo's Tomb of the Unknowns."

      >The large boulder which marks the site now is in the middle of play in the park golf course, but is situated in such a way that only the golfer with the worst slice might be able to approach the stone to read the small plaque on the front of it. The site is now better known as a great place for kids to drink and party, rather than a memorial to war dead.

      >Building on the grassroots interest in the site from last year's flag planting, work has been underway for the last 10 months trying to secure a home for a permanent memorial in a spot where all manner of people using the park might know of the sacrifice made, and the sacred nature of the mound in the middle of the golf course, where 300 American Soldiers, who died while serving in a war zone, are at eternal rest.

      >"The Buffalo Zoo has graciously offered a space near one of their entrances with a great view of the mound in the meadow," says Steve Cichon, historian and author of The Complete History of Parkside (2009, staffannouncer Books), who has been coordinating the efforts to have the new monument built. "Zoo officials have even offered to create a garden surrounding the memorial. Now that we have the place, we need to raise the money."

      >The hope is to have a small, simple stone memorial with a brief history ready to be unveiled on Memorial Day 2012.
      >"It's a pretty optimistic time table," says Cichon, who is also the News Director at WBEN Radio, "but I think we can get it done. We've had many promises of donations over the last year, and have raised a couple hundred dollars based on a single Facebook post."

      >"People are shocked that they'd never heard this story before, and are ready to give to make sure the story is never lost again," Cichon says. "Right now, we're taking online donations at staffannouncer.com, but are also looking for ideas for some sort of an event as well."

      >"It's like I've said throughout the course of my involvement in this project," says Cichon, "It's just very simply the right thing to do. By not remembering the sacrifice of even a single man or woman who died for our country, you're denigrating all the lives given for our freedom."

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