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Expedititon this W/end 17th 18th 19th August Patos, Island Lighthouse - WR5J and W7KXB

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    Buddi Buddies, Bill and I are activating the Patos Island Lighthouse in the San Juan Islands of Western Washington State for ILLW. We go up this afternoon and
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 16, 2012
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      Buddi Buddies,
      Bill and I are activating the Patos Island Lighthouse in the San Juan Islands of Western Washington State for ILLW. 
       We go up this afternoon and should be QRV by tomorrow, Friday, afternoon after some fairly complicated logistics with cars, ferries and little boats.  Record heat is predicted - great time to be on a little island surrounded by 50 degree water.  We return on Monday.
      Lots of time for radio fun with Buddipoles.  
      While this weekend is to activate Patos for International Lighthouse and Lightship event, we will talk to anyone, anywhere, for any purpose on just about any mode from Phone to JT-modes with CW, PSK31, MT63-500 and RTTY present in the mix ...FLDIGI and the RSID feature is your friend for figuring out what mode someone is in - lots of info for getting going with this stuff is on the WA-DIGITAL yahoo group
      I'll be using my call - WR5J and Bill, W7KXB  is using the Highline ARC call of NC7G.  As with many of these events focus will be on 20M during the day - forays elsewhere as the ionosphere allows...
      We think we have cell coverage - otherwise we'll be near the SOTA/GORC/QRP/ILLW watering holes on each band or the typical locales for digital activity.
      Hope we have the opportunity to talk... spot us when you hear us - Thanks!
      vy 73 de WR5J
      Curt Black - President, West Seattle ARC
      206 755-4541c
      PS - Watch for the West Seattle Amateur Radio Club activating the Alki Point Lighthouse in West Seattle this Saturday using the club call of W7AW.

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