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538J6 Portable out again

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  • Frans
    Jul 13, 2014

      Hi All,


      J6 Portable will be active again from the beach, we will be at pigeon point beach..

      Possibly 15 and 10 meters, depends on conditions… will use the cluster to post frequency

      See  you on the bands.



      Frans van Santbrink,

      IM: j69ds@... || j69ds@...

      Amateur Radio Operator: J69DS

      Radio: 146.940 (-0.600) // 145.780 (-0.6) Mhz

      Member: ARRL

                          J6 Portable Crew

                          Saint Lucia Buddipole Dxpeditions

                          Saint Lucia Amateur Radio Club

                          Martinique Ham Radio Association (fm.ham.ra)

      5 logos signature

      When all else fail Amateur Radio is there!

      No trees or animals were hurt in the making of this email, however many electrons were inconvienced.

      Rehab is not an option: RF all the way (J6 Portable)