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345Update on Buddies on Barbados

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  • Budd Drummond
    Feb 1, 2013
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      I did not bring a computer with me down here.  I am using my iPad for everything....email, Googling DX Summit, and taking notes and pix.  And I log with it.  Very convenient,  but I hunt and peck emails.

      We , 8 Buddipole ops, were met at the airport by NINE 8p6 Hams.  We always each out to a 
      Country before arriving, but these ops took off work and drove to the airport to greet us.
      And at least five hams a day stop by our villa to see if they can help us with shopping,  suggestions for incredible beaches, and in general to see that we are OK and having a good time.

      Have fun every day...........