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Major Teachings and Empowerments on August 24 - 29, 2007 by His Holiness

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  • dorjetar
    SHAR CHOG NGON GA I LING Buddhist Dharma Center of Manifesting Joy www.BuddhistDharma.net IS HONORED TO PRESENT HIS HOLINESS ORGYEN KUSUM LINGPA August 24 -
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      Buddhist Dharma Center of Manifesting Joy



      August 24 - 29th, 2007

      His Holiness Orgyen Kusum Lingpa is a pre-eminent Dzogchen teacher
      and Nyingma lineage holder. He is an authentic treasure revealer.
      His title, Kusum Lingpa means "Treasure Revealer of the Three Kayas."
      Concerning his life's work, His Holiness said recently: "Much earlier
      in my life, I made a pilgrimage to Samye. There, due to the good
      karma and auspicious coincidence in conjunction with the needs of
      these times, I saw all my past and future lives. I recalled all the
      teachings I had received directly from Guru Padmasambhava when I was
      his disciple, and I saw all the hardships and difficulties of the
      time in which I am now living. This made it possible for me to reveal
      these teachings which are of particular benefit to everyone, in this
      time of terrible suffering."

      Join us for this exceptional visit by one of the greatest living
      treasure revealer of the innermost esoteric yoga of Primordial
      Awareness (Tibetan: Dzogchen Pema Nyingtik). Each of these three
      transmissions can be of extraordinary value in transforming
      consciousness, developing inner guidance, developing authentic inner
      spiritual life, and most especially learning the classical Buddhist
      deity yogas of liberating ones mind, body and spirit.

      VAJRAKILAYA EMPOWERMENT - Friday, Aug 24th (6PM - 8PM)

      The practice of Vajrakilaya blazes at the very heart of the ancient
      Vajrayana traditions of Tibet. The wrathful Heruka Vajrakilaya is a
      Deity who embodies the enlightened activities of all the Buddhas,
      manifesting in an intensly wrathful yet compassionate form in order
      to subjugate the delusion and negativity that can arise as obstacles
      to the practice of Dharma.

      In fact, the practice of Vajrakilaya is famous in Tibetan Buddhism as
      an exceptionally powerful method to remove obstacles, destroy the
      forces hostile to compassion, and purify the spiritual pollution so
      prevalent in this age. Vajrakilaya practice is extremely powerful in
      removing outer, inner and secret obstacles on the Dharma path and is
      said to bring swift ordinary and extraordinary spiritual
      accomplishments. It can also avert misfortunes such as war, disease
      and famine. The practice of this deity makes it very easy to progress
      on the path, since all obstacles are naturally dispelled and one can
      achieve the supreme siddhi without any fault.

      In summary, the practice of Vajrakilaya reigns supreme amongst
      Meditational Deities. Practitioners of Vajrayana should all receive
      this most excellent empowement.

      Saturday, Aug 25th (10AM - 12PM)

      Phowa is the profound path to Buddhahood without meditation, where
      the student learns how to transfer his or her consciousness directly
      to the pure land at the time of death without having to go through
      the experiences of the intermediate state or fall into any one of
      the six realms of samsara. This is a skillful method through which
      anyone with faith may swiftly be liberated.

      Through this Empowerment, the seeds are planted in the students mind
      streams so they may practice conscious dying at the time of death,
      through their faith and devotion in the Lama and the practice of
      P'howa one may be able to bypass rebirth and go to the pure land of
      Amitabha, the Buddha of Limitless Light.

      SHI-TRO EMPOWERMENT - Saturday, Aug 25th (2:30PM - 4:30PM)

      This empowerment into the Mandala of the 42 Peaceful and 58 Wrathful
      Enlightened Deities grant blessings beyond expression. It introduces
      us to the display of the peaceful and wrathful energies of the
      enlightened mind as they appear to beings in the intermediate state,
      or Bardo, between death and the next rebirth.

      This empowerment will truly be a priceless opportunity to affirm our
      connection with the enlightened Deities, to purify damaged or
      impaired samaya and strengthen our spiritual connection. It is
      recommended for all students who wish to progress along the path of
      secret mantra and purify their defilements and negative karma of
      body, speech, and mind. The Shi-tro Empowerment is highly suggested
      for all who attend the Bardo teachings.

      EXTENSIVE BARDO TEACHINGS - Sunday - Wednesday
      Aug 26th - 29th (10 AM - 12 PM and 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM)

      Join us for 4 days of extensive teachings on the Six Bardos, or
      intermediate states, including the Bardo of Birth, the Bardo of
      Dreaming, the Bardo of Meditation, the Bardo of Dying, the Bardo of
      Dharmata, and the Bardo of Becoming. Each of these six bardos
      presents us with opportunities for recognizing the true nature of our
      mind and being liberated from the duality of
      self-clinging and subject-object grasping.

      Receiving these teachings from a living master who has direct
      realization of this is a rare and priceless gift. Through these
      instructions, there is opportunity for finding enlightenment when
      encountering these bardos, rather than being overwhelmed by them or
      frightened by the appearances of the dying state and so forth. This
      is a precious opportunity to prepare ourselves for that moment of
      death we will all have to face, and to make a connection with a Vajra
      Dharma Master who can guide us along the path of liberation.

      Please reserve seating in advance since space is limited.
      Contact: Anthony (425.772.3488) or Denise (425.772.3317)
      Email: DorjeTar@...

      Suggested Donation: $30/Empowerment and $10/Teaching
      (No one turned away)

      Location: 1111 Harvard Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122 (Harvard & Seneca
      (Park free in "U-Park" lot after 6 PM Aug 24 and all day 25th -
      26th. Register parking space.)

      *Your donations / offerings will go toward expenses related to the
      Dharma events and hosting His Holiness, the Lamas and translators.

      Driving Instructions:

      Seattle First Baptist Church is located in Seattle's First Hill
      Neighborhood at 1111 Harvard Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122.

      The Buddhist Dharma Center has reserved the parking lot for Friday
      Aug 24th starting at 6 PM and all day Saturday and Sunday August
      25th - 26th. The parking is located adjacent to the rear of the
      church in the U-Park lot. Attendees may ONLY park in this location
      for free from Friday evening ? Sunday during the Teachings and
      Empowerments. Donations may be made to defray parking costs are
      greatly appreciated.(There are handicap entrances on the Harvard and
      Boylston sides of the building.)

      Directions to: Seattle First Baptist Church:

      Coming South on I-5: Take the UNION ST. exit- EXIT 165B. Stay
      STRAIGHT to go onto UNION ST. Turn RIGHT onto 7TH AVE. 0.1 mi. Turn
      RIGHT onto PIKE ST. Go 0.5 mi. Turn RIGHT onto HARVARD AVE. go 1.5
      blocks to the Church. Turn RIGHT onto SENECA ST., there is a parking
      lot to the west side/BOLYSTON AVE. of the Church.

      Coming North on I-5: take the MADISON ST. EXIT and turn RIGHT on
      MADISON ST. go 0.2 mi. Turn LEFT onto BOYLSTON go 0.1 mi. Turn RIGHT
      onto SENECA AVE. go 1 block. Turn RIGHT onto HARVARD. The Church is
      on the corner of HARVARD and SENECA. The parking lot is just behind
      the Church on BOYLSTON AVE.

      What to Bring:
      We have lots of chairs but not many cushions. Bring your favorite
      sitting cushions.

      Accomodations nearby for out-of-town attendees:
      The Buddhist Dharma Center has limited sleeping space and would need
      special approval and reservations in advance. Please bring your own
      sleeping bag.

      Hotels and Motels nearby:
      Reserved for Dharma Sangha Members is the Inn at Virginia Mason. This
      is the sister property of the Baroness Hotel below. Please call (800)
      283-6453 for reservations. Mention you are with the "Tibetan
      Teachings" or "Group Number 18" to get special rates.
      Website: www.innatvirginiamason.com/innWelcome.html

      Nearby, the most affordable lodging may be at the Baroness Hotel.
      They mostly cater to those visiting the nearby medical facilities.
      For reservations please contact us at 1-800-283-6453.
      Website: www.baronesshotel.com/index.htm

      The nearest hotel is the Silver Cloud which is one block away from
      the event location. Reservations: 800.590.1801.
      Website: www.silvercloud.com/broadway.htm
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