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  • Namdrol Tsepal
    When you get tired, it is appropriate to repeat mantra. However, for a beginner the main part of the meditation revolves around the six deities*, which should
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      When you get tired, it is appropriate to repeat mantra. However, for a
      beginner the main part of the meditation revolves around the six deities*,
      which should be cultivated carefully and leisurely. This is because clear
      appearance of oneself as a deity must be achieved for the sake of amassing
      the two collections of merit and wisdom, achieving firm meditative
      stabilisation, and transforming all physical and verbal actions into
      powerful aids for others' welfare. Hence, before repeating mantra, the yoga
      of non-dual profundity (realisation of emptiness) and manifestation
      (appearance as a deity) should be sustained, developing clarity in
      observing the divine form and in ascertaining its lack of inherent
      existence. When, having done this one-pointedly, you become tired, then for
      the sake of resting begin repeating mantra. ...Tsong-ka-pa also says that in
      the approximation phase meditation is chief, mantra repetition is

      ultimate, sound, letter, form, seal, and sign

      --from "Deity Yoga In Action and Performance Tantra" by H.H. the Dalai Lama,
      Tsong-ka-pa and Jeffrey Hopkins, published by Snow Lion Publications


      One of the most important revelations of the near-death experience is how it
      transforms the lives of those who have been through it. One man said:

      �I was transformed from a man who was lost and wandering aimlessly, with no
      goal in life other than a desire for material wealth, to someone who had a
      deep motivation, a purpose in life, a definite direction, and an
      overpowering conviction that there would be a reward at the end of life. My
      interest in material wealth and greed for possessions were replaced by a
      thirst for spiritual understanding and a passionate desire to see world
      conditions improve.�

      Sogyal Rinpoche

      How sad it is that most of us only begin to appreciate our lives when we are
      on the point of dying. I often think of the words of the great Buddhist
      master Padmasambhava: �Those who believe they have plenty of time get ready
      only at the time of death. Then they are ravaged by regret. But isn�t it far
      too late?�

      Sogyal Rinpoche


      When the sun of fierce devotion shines on the snow mountain of the master,
      the stream of his blessing will pour down.

      The Tibetan Saint, DRIKUNG KYOBPA


      If, at the moment of death, we have already a stable realization of the
      nature of mind, in one instant we can purify all our karma. And if we
      continue that stable recognition, we will actually be able to end our karma
      altogether, by entering the expanse of the primordial purity of the nature
      of mind, and attaining liberation.

      Padmasambhava explained this: �This power to attain stability by just
      recognizing the nature of mind is like a torch which in one instant can
      clear away the darkness of aeons. So if we can recognize the nature of mind
      in the bardo in the same way as we can now when it is introduced by the
      master, there is not the slightest doubt that we will attain enlightenment.
      This is why, from this very moment on, we must become familiar with the
      nature of mind through practice.�

      Sogyal Rinpoche


      For all its dangers, today�s world is also a very exciting one. The modern
      mind is slowly opening to different visions of reality. Great teachers like
      the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa can be seen on television; many masters
      from the East now visit and teach in the West; and books from all the
      mystical traditions are winning an increasingly large audience. The
      desperate situation of the planet is slowly waking people up to the
      necessity for transformation on a global scale.

      Enlightenment is real, and there are enlightened masters still on the earth.
      When you actually meet one, you will be shaken and moved in the depths of
      your heart and you will realize that all the words, such as illumination and
      wisdom, that you thought were only ideas are in fact true.

      Sogyal Rinpoche
    • Analine Tsepal
      If this elephant of mind is bound on all sides by the cord of mindfulness,All fear disappears and complete happiness comes.All enemies: all the tigers, lions,
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        If this elephant of mind is bound on all sides by the cord of mindfulness,
        All fear disappears and complete happiness comes.
        All enemies: all the tigers, lions, elephants, bears, serpents (of our emotions);
        And all the keepers of hell; the demons and the horrors,
        All of these are bound by the mastery of your mind,
        And by the taming of that one mind, all are subdued,
        Because from the mind are derived all fears and immeasurable sorrows.


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