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_0_ namaste one and all

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  • willy_medicine_dragon
    I was prompted to post something on suffering. In the Dark Ages of Europe, Nun s who were of the Catholic faith were healers in villages would make women take
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2003
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      I was prompted to post something on suffering.

      In the Dark Ages of Europe, Nun's who were of the Catholic faith were
      healers in villages would make women take birth control against the
      Churches wishes. Heres the POSITIVE though behind that. Poor Sorcha,
      whom bore her husband 5 kids. The villagers who had harsh winters
      theres not doubt about that. If a family had many many kids, they
      would more than likely die of starvation. Which is the GREATER
      crime?? Taking something to control conception, or a childs
      death??? Keeping that same though, I know of a elderly woman that
      has too many dogs, some are displaying violent pack behavoirs. I
      would hate to see that old woman hurt, maimed, killed on the fact
      that there are dogs that are just plain unsafe to have around. Some
      of those dogs MUST be destroyed for safety's factor. All life is
      important yes, however is it worth a elderly womans??? In this case
      as well, which is the greater crime, the woman or the dog?? I
      pondered this for a day and talked to her grandaughter about this and
      we both felt that some of the dogs MUST be destroyed for others
      safety. And on teh flip side I saw my vet about a hour later on
      driving the same way I was, hes a good man, and would help me if i
      asked it of him. One life must be sometimes given to save MANY.
      Animals speak to me on many levels and I used to work in a vet clinic
      and there were several animlas that actually wanted to be put to
      sleep because they were in TOO MUCH pain and there was no way out of
      that animals suffering. We as pet owners have that obligation to
      make sure our pets are taken care of. My own mother taught me the
      same lesson, I had a cat that was so special to me that I wanted to
      have my graduation photos taken with him, at that time he was so
      sick, dying of feline leukemia. I wanted so bad to have my pictures
      with him and I asked my mother is that was possible and she said to
      me "IS that really fair to Tigger Janice?" My heart was crushed,
      however I knew that she was right. I had him put to sleep that day.
      I have 2 pictures of him and I the day, and those are more valuable
      to me then if I were to have my graduation photos done with him.
      Ironically, he came back to me 11 years later in another body, a
      tabby like Tigger was, hes different in ways though. However I am
      not the person I was 11 years ago either. As I look at Bes sleeping
      just a few feet away from me, the animal that you love the most will
      come back eventually, perhaps in another body, another kind of pet,
      even in human form. The spiritual works in such mysterious ways that
      I stand as a child in awe of it sometimes. A loss of a being is hard
      to cope with, why make them/others suffer moer?? I hope this helps
      and makes sense to you all.

      Namaste _0_ and may Lord Buddha smile on you all in blessings!!!

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