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Mistaken Refence ... !!!

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  • Bhikkhu Samahita
    Friends: The Sense Sources are a Representation... & not a Reality... ! The need to control & master the senses is obvious, since it is the very ability to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2005


      The Sense Sources are a 'Representation...' & not a 'Reality...'!

      The need to control & master the senses is obvious, since it is the very ability
      to sense that enables both all the pleasant & painful experiences of this world.
      However, paradoxically, it is exactly this spontaneous and quite impulsive rush
      after the immediate, but only short-lived satisfaction of pleasant sense reaction,
      that is both the seed & root of much suffering, created by delayed side-effects.
      Thus do the urge after momentary pleasant feeling, create only lust and greed.
      Thus do the urge away from brief painful feeling, create only hate and aversion.
      Thus do the urge after absence of neutral feeling, create neglect and ignorance.
      These three roots of Suffering & Evil, are always lying hidden and latent within
      the untrained mind: Ignorance is obscuring the true nature of things making them
      only appear as lasting, agreeable and ownable. Hate induces bad aversion towards
      very advantageous phenomena such as learning, morality, meditation, & friendship
      just because these may once have been associated with a  brief unlikable feeling!
      These instantaneous reactions overwhelm the untrained mind & make it act contrary
      to it's own & other's interest: It rush ahead in the hunt for immediate gratification,
      oblivious to the fact, that the paradoxical fruit of sense delight is much delayed,
      yet inevitable misery, namely, infinitely repeated rebirth, ageing, sickness & death!
      On a much deeper & more subtle level do the sense sources create a misapprehended
      pointing, by mistaking a mere sensation for a true reference to a world really existing
      "out there": 'I see the world therefore do it exist!', which is as absurd as postulating:
      'I saw the phenomena on a film therefore is this phenomena real' insofar as all & any
      sensation only is a 'inner' mentally created 'film' or 'representation' of some form of
      contact between a 'sensor' and it's sensitivity for a given object as e.g. an 'idea'...
      In much the same way do the 5 clusters of clinging induce a misapprehended pointing,
      by mistaken reference to an assumed & constructed entity 'Ego', 'I' or 'me' "In here",
      while all there really is, is a five-fold flux of changing qualities, relentlessly arising &
      ceasing right there, where they momentarily arised! Right there do the untrained mind
      also create & reinforce the basic root of this abysmal conceit: "I Am" or "I exists" !!!

      Only the Buddha's explain:

      Sabbe Sankhara Anicca!
      All constructions vanish!

      Sabbe Sankhara Dukkha!
      All construction is miserable!

      Sabbe Dhamma Anatta!
      All states are self-less!

      PS: Please include the word Samahita in any comment, since then
      will my automatic mail filters pick it up and I will see it & respond!!

       Bhikkhu Samahita, Sri Lanka.

       Friendship is the Greatest ...
       Let there be Calm & Free Bliss !!!

       Dhamma-Questions sent to my email are quite Welcome.
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