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Fwd: Safe Havens and Veterinary Services needed for Hurrican Katrina equine refugees

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  • Ken/
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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2005
      I thought this should be passed on to anyone who was

      > "Safe Havens and Veterinary Services Needed for
      > Hurricane Katrina's
      > Equine Refugees
      > Place Your Facility on the USEF Hurricane Equine
      > Relief List
      > (Lexington, KY): As Americans view the newscasts of
      > the devastation
      > caused by Hurricane Katrina it is clear that both
      > humans and animals
      > require immediate emergency relief from not only
      > official agencies but
      > from the generosity of individuals.
      > If you have a facility or pasture which you can
      > offer to house refugee
      > horses and ponies, victims of Hurricane Katrina,
      > please email your name,
      > address, phone number and email address to
      > kcadams@... If you can
      > volunteer veterinary services please submit your
      > contact information.
      > The USEF is posting a listing by state of these safe
      > havens for horses
      > and ponies on our website. The list will be accessed
      > by going to the
      > website. On the right side of the homepage click on
      > Hurricane Katrina
      > Equine Relief. It is expected to be operational by
      > tonight, August 31st
      > and will serve as a master list to help horse owners
      > in Katrina's path
      > find help. Other equine organizations wishing to
      > assist the effort and
      > link to the list should also email kcadams@...
      > "

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