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Re: [Buddhism_101] Lojong Slogan #6

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  • Rhonda Carpenter
    Kate, I couldn t have said more than what you did :) If only we could maintain the same mind, open and peaceful and attentive, throughout our day as we
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 1, 2005
      Kate, I couldn't have said more than what you did :)  If only we could maintain the same mind, open and peaceful and attentive, throughout our day as we maintain on the pillow :)

      Wanderjahr <Wanderjahr@...> wrote:

      Pema Chodron's Commentary: "When you finish sitting meditation, if things
      become heavy and solid, be fully present and realize that everything is
      actually pliable, open, and workable.  This is instruction for meditation in
      action, realizing that you don't have to feel claustrophobic because there
      is always lots of room, lots of space."

      B. Alan Wallace's Commentary: "Arise from the meditation cushion maintaining
      a continuity between the insight that you had during the meditation and your
      mental state afterwards.  As you stand up, walk to the door, or speak to
      someone, try to maintain the awareness that phenomena--including your self,
      your mind, other people you come in contact with, everything around
      you--exist not as intrinsic entities, but as dependently related events."

      Jamgon Kongtrul's Commentary: "After meditation, do not allow the experience
      of resting evenly to dissipate, no matter what form of activity you engage
      in.  Continually foster the feeling of knowing that all appearances,
      yourself, others, animate or inanimate, appear though they seem to be
      nothing--be like a child of illusion." (From THE GREAT PATH OF AWAKENING, P.


      "Be a child of illusion"...children love magical ideas, love illusion.  They
      can be open and honest.  They don't look beyond the illusion but just take
      it for what it is, a wonderful spectacle.  Perhaps the slogan is saying,
      it's okay to be innocent and it's okay to see life as an illusion and enjoy
      it, but perhaps it's important to treat the illusion lightly and not take it
      so seriously.  When we meditate, we still are children of illusion.  We
      watch the thoughts come and go, we cultivate accepting the thoughts but also
      letting them go.  We also see that our thoughts don't have much substance
      and are not as real as we thought.  But underneath all that is the feeling
      that there is a deeper reality and we train to open ourselves up to it.

      Kate :)

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