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Merry Merit Making - 15 May 2005

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  • Namdrol Tsepal
    Tashi Deleg! Hi, we will be celebrating Lord Buddha s Birthday (in Singapore) come join us and if you could please help to pass this message to your friends
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2005
      Tashi Deleg!

      Hi, we will be celebrating Lord Buddha's Birthday (in Singapore) come join
      us and if you could please help to pass this message to your friends who
      might be interested. Thank you.

      Sarwa Mangalam
      May all be Auspicious!
      Namdrol Tsepal

      Come Celebrate Lord Shakyamuni Buddha's Birthday with us!

      15 May marks the birth of Lord Shakyamuni Buddha and kick-starts a
      week of celebrations leading up to Vesak Day (Sakya Dawa).

      What better way for us to celebrate Lord Shakyamuni Buddha's
      Birthday than to receive great inspiration for our Dharma practice,
      and accumulate merit and purify negativities at the same time?

      Check out our Merry Merit Making activities!


      11.00am Incense Puja
      1.00pm Free Lunch
      5.00pm Shakyamuni Buddha Puja
      7.00pm Free Dinner
      8.00pm Light Offering Prayer


      The most significant benefit of the Incense Puja - one of several
      powerful pujas in Tibetan Buddhism - is that it purifies spirit

      What kind of spirit harms?

      We constantly accumulate negative karma when we benefit at the cost
      other sentient being's lives. The negative karma accumulated from
      eating meat, drinking alcohol, wearing silk clothes and leather shoes
      etc needs to be purified to prevent them from ripening to cause us
      additional pain and suffering.

      At just $5 per name, you can participate and make incense offerings
      in this special, meaningful puja.


      This puja helps us develop and strengthen our faith in the Buddha. We
      collect vast merits just by reflecting on his many meritorious deeds,
      rejoicing and making offerings, both real and visualized.

      It also purifies our negative karma when we confess our misdeeds with
      regret and allows us to create further merit with auspicious wishes
      and prayers for the flourishing of the Buddha's doctrine.


      H.E. Lama Thubten Namdrol Dorje Rinpoche will be conducting this
      Prayer and dedicating the merits to all those who have contributed
      generously to our Merry Merit Making efforts.

      The public is welcome to make individual light offerings.

      These events are open to all members of the public.

      For more information, call Tel 6466 3720 or 9800 4308. Register now!

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