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*** Banning views on Caste based Reservation Policies! Is it today need or not…..!

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  • Dr. Milind Jiwane
    *** Banning views on Caste based Reservation Policies! Is it today need or not…..!   Recently National Congress General Secretary Mr. Janardhan Dwivedi
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2014
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      *** Banning views on Caste based Reservation Policies! Is it
      today need or not…..!
      Recently National Congress General Secretary Mr. Janardhan Dwivedi delivered his statement that, “To ban on caste based reservation policies. The reservation should be given on the basis of economic ground. It is the need too.” Further he appealed to Congress Supremo Mr. Rahul Gandhi to consider this view in our party agenda. First I welcomed to Congress leader Mr.Janardhan Dwivedi’s statement on one side. Can Mr. Dwivedi or his Congress will answer my some points, which I am putting here. I and some our society friends are rejecting to take any benefits on the basis of reservation. My daughter is not taking any types of post matriculate scholarship. My son is not taking any types of free ships and I paid the fees of school education. There are lot of members of backward communities are following me. This is the one side. Now i am pointing your vision on other angle.
       In Congress Raj, How and which line of planning of the reservation policies has been applied or implemented. Can Congress Raj be delivered the development ratio of every five years of backward classes from 1950 to 2014?  Can you show the appointments ratio of every five years in Executive, Judiciary & Legislative field? Can you show the poverty, education, employment etc ratio of every five years up to 2014? How many officers have been suspended or terminated or criminal punished, due to not proper implementation. Can you show the statistics of funding of different policies and use money of your government about development plan for these classes? Can you deliver the statement, yet untouchability is in existence. Who are responsible for not removed it. There are lot problems & questions …..
      Now, we think on upper caste categories population ratio and their planting of posting on different fields. The government should be declared the statistics of their financial status, posting status, above limitation posting etc. If these categories should be seen above limitation of posting, they should be immediately terminated from services on the basis of date of appointment without any benefits. If their movable and immovable property found to be above limits, it should be deposited on government account. It means, the Government should be declared minimum property limits to keep by the Indians. Keeping more property above limitation should be banned officially. The said deposited property should be distributed to the needy categories on the basis of minimum limitation. It means, every Indians should have the equal property. No one should be rich and no one be poor. Every land should be declared as Government land. The cultivation should be run through the “Village Panchayat” and distribution should me made equally to all villagers. There should be strongly binding on “Family Planning” for two Childs only and not more. There will no sex determination at all. There will be no ownership in the Industrial field. All the industries should be run by the Government. Etc. It means the need of nationalization of Industries, cultivation etc.
      About Government National Awards, there should be a committee formed under chairmanship of President of India. There will be no place for any other political leaders in there. The award should be declared to honest, dedicated, devoted, nationalistic personalities. Not permitted the commercial person like Mr. Sachin Tendulkar etc. There should be posted the same quality personality on Government’s commissions and there will be no place for the political leaders. 
      The reservation for the upper Caste category should be in different fields not more than 4%.  Economical sections should be posted on the ratio of 16%. Other Backward Class, Scheduled caste, Scheduled Tribes, NT/VJ, Buddhist, Jains, Muslim etc should be posted on 80%.  In posting of political parties’ different posts should be on the above ratio. The said formula should be applicable in Vidhan Sabha, Vidhan Parishad, Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and so on. It means the said policies should be applied in Executive, Judiciary & Legislative field?  Our object should be equality to all Indians in social, religious, economic, educational, cultural, political etc. fields.  Are you agreed Mr. Dwivedi and Congress-ion. You advised to Mr. Rahul Gandhi “An Immature Child in Politics.” And need to develop the “Nationalism or India-ism spirit” to Indians for “Strong India.”  There will be no scope for caste based, religion based, creed based, region based, and language based etc. politics. The Corruption should be banned and there should be need of heavy punishment to guilty person. Go proceed……..
      ***Dr. Milind Jiwane
      Civil Rights Protection Cell
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