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AAP agitation against Delhi Police Officials ….. Is this a need for getting Justice in Democratic way ………………..

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  • Dr. Milind Jiwane
    AAP agitation against Delhi Police Officials…..  Is this a need for getting Justice in Democratic way ………………..                  
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2014
      AAP agitation against Delhi Police Officials…..  Is this a need for
      getting Justice in Democratic way ………………..
                      Recently Aam Adami Party supremo & chief minister of Delhi Mr. Arvind Kejariwal’s  Dharana/ agitation in the heart of capital came to an end after two police officers were sent on leave under a neat compromise with the centre Govt. over his demand for suspension of five officials for alleged dereliction of duty. Mr. Arvind , who had slept the whole night on the road & held cabinet meeting with his colleagues  in his car, announced that he was calling of the protest following the “Victory” achieved by the people of Delhi.
                      If Law Minister of Delhi Mr. Somanth Bharati told the police on road to raid an alleged drug prostitution ring in Malwiya Nagar and the police officer refused. This seen of bad arguments between minister and police has been broadcasted by the different Medias. Lot of people has seen this drama. There is seen lack of knowledge and political as well as administrative knowledge of Mr. Somanth Bharati and police official too.  Another case a Danish women was gang rapped last week. Such types of incidences in Delhi, it is common one. The question is who will responsible for the same. If the Delhi government has no power to order the police or controlling them, how can they make security of the state? It is crystal clear that, only central Government seems to be responsible for such types of violence and bad law of order.  Why not the Centre Government did handed over the powers of police personals to state. What are the problems?  It is the clear process of de-centralization. If the Delhi Government has no power, how can them they controlled the security of the state. It seems to be failure policies of the Congress Raj as well as the other ruler parties.
                      Every year the centre and state Governments has celebrated the “Republic Day.” It is why, the Lt. Governor Hon. Jung appealed to Mr. Kejariwal to call off the agitation “in view of the sacrosanct occasion of the Republic day and the perceived security situation.” The question is, now 63 years passed for the Republic day, but the common man could not understand, why we celebrate this day. Yes, he can understand the “Independence Day” that we got dependence on August 15, 1947. But what is importance of Republic day, January 26, 1050. Who will responsible for not creating the feeling of this day to common mass?
                      One a shameful action of central Government or Congress Raj, I am putting before you about this day. Where the constitution debate has been discussed and the “Constitution of India” is seen before us, they said ancient historic house of Kasturba Gandhi Marg is now converted into “Officer Wine Club.” What a jock seen in Congress Raj. Even other political parties seem to be mum on this issue. Regarding this, I presented a memorandum to President of India and the Prime Minister of India to establish “Dr. Ambedkar International Constitutional Research & Law Academy” in there.”  There is planted only a pillar, and written their constitution debates period. Even I posted the said news on net social groups and face book too. But no action even common replies by them.
                      On July 1, 1956, Dr. B.R.Ambedar, Father of India Constitution was founded the “Political Training School” at Mumbai and the social activist Mr. S.S. Reghe was the registrar of this school. What the aims of Dr. Ambedkar for establishing this school is no needed to give details about it to anybody. How many intellectuals, experts, activist, politicians knowing these facts, I don’t know. Due to some causes, it was closed the Dr. Ambedkar’s dream school and nobody was shared to run it. My humbly request to Central government to form such political school and training centre in the said Kasturaba Gandhi Marg Research Institute.  For a result, we will get good and expert political leaders and they may create national feeling to common man. So we can’t see lack of political knowledge & experience of Mr. Somnath Bharati, or Mr. Arvind Kejariwal like leaders in future. They seem to be political experts.
                      But the policies of Hindu mentality Government is against the anti-Dr. Ambedkar and their society.  They know that, the Republic Day is related with Dr. Ambedkar, father of Indian Constitution. From this day, the constitution of India is in existence and we run the Government by the law of taking evidence this book. There is no role of Mh. Gandhi in this day, even though; they propagated Mh. Gandhi and their ideologies. But they never introduced the Dr Ambedkar’s contribution for the nation building.  The said Hinduistic mentality Government is/was responsible the nation degradation. Now, they should have to change their mentality for creation of “Nationalism or India-ism” for the nation building & development. There is no place for Caste, Religion, Region, Language etc based politics and need of good governance. This is the only way for our social welfare too.
      *** Dr. Milind Jiwane ,                                
      National Chairman  
      Civil Rights Protection cell
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