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Indian Political Leaders and their parties ar e un-planners, un-visionary, corrupt minded & their selection as like RPI Leader Mr. Ramda s Athawale, who seems to be Joker & Not Parli amentarian in the Indian Politics…..

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  • Dr. Milind Jiwane
    Indian Political Leaders and their parties are un-planners, un-visionary, corrupt minded & their selection as like RPI Leader Mr. Ramdas Athawale, who seems to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 16, 2014
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      Indian Political Leaders and their parties are un-planners, un-visionary, corrupt minded & their selection as like RPI Leader Mr. Ramdas Athawale, who seems to be Joker & Not Parliamentarian in the Indian Politics…..

                      I think, Indian political parties and their political leaders are not seemed to be good visionary parliamentarians in the Indian politics. They don’t have common vision, sense & thinking. i.e. How to chose the politician candidates.  They decide the merit of the candidates on the basis of Caste factors, relation factors, region factors etc.  Due to these cause, we could not make proper progress of nation as compared to developed nation.  It never seen the discussion in the parliament or in the assemblies seriously, responsibility thinking, well planning level etc.  Not seen the good governance. They chose a joker type candidate as like RPI leader Mr. Ramdas Athwale or other too. Not needed to disclose their names here. Only need to make self thinking of “Work Valuation” of their work for the nation building.
                      RPI’s Mr. Ramdas Athawale is seen in the parliament as like joker. He has no common sense about how to speak, which subject should be discussed in there. Even though, he bargains with the political parties for getting some pieces of bread of political seat. He seems to big beggar of oppressed society because he is not Buddhist. Original Buddhists never beg before anyone else. Really there will be need of Mr. Ramdas in the circus for making entertainment of the people and not in the parliament. Then, why political parties run before Mr. Ramdas. There is seen caste based politics. No merit needed. But I think, this political leader does not have merit choosing the merit candidates. They suffered from caste based night blindness disease.
                      Actually, Mr. Ramdas is the only example here. There are so many Ramdas sitting in the parliament or in the assemblies in the different parties.  What are their merits?  Their merit will be only Caste, Money, Muscle, Corruption etc...  There is no place for a such a candidates who holding  honesty, dedicated, devoted, well planner, decision maker, good manager, good commander, well thinker etc. character.  Then how can we make the progress of our nation. There is no proper visionary ruling party seen even the opposition party too.
                      Every party speaks more about the nation building and development. But their result will be nil. There is need of practical actions and not the oral one. Everyone is seemed to be selfish. It is why, India’s name seen in the list of corrupt and backward countries. Our well qualified and experience candidates are giving their services for the foreign countries. These qualified persons getting necessary facilities in there. Good political visionaries could not give their services; it is due to these “Goonda Raj.”   These brainless politicians are playing the role in the “Debate House” for getting the benefits for themselves and their parties in India.  They making Naga-Nach & Goonda Gardi  in there.  Is this our Indian culture? Can we expect such actions from our so called Nationalistic Organizations, those who stand back with these leaders?  These so called Nationalistic Organizations are also responsible for Indian un-development, because these are the only backbone of these political corrupters. They never present their “True and Proper Face” before the media and presenting their mirror face. It is the duty of the media to focus their false face. Because the only media is seem to be strong power, which can play the role of focusing for the nation building. But very less media are doing the job. And this is the need.
                      Each and every person, they should have to change their caste based mentality.           They think for nation building and development. Even political parties should leave their caste spirit politics. Not to spread Caste, religion, and region likes game of politics even to form the political parties. There will be need to dissolve all the caste, religion, region based political parties and to form only two political parties namely.  i.e. National Party and Democratic Party. Everyone interested person, those who want to contest election for only nation building & development. Yes, everyone have to show, their Property audit every year to public openly. If anyone found guilty, he should be heavy punished by law. It is seem to be dream. But other options also can be offered from the public. There is question of honesty, transparency, dedication, and devotion etc. mentality plantation.  How it can be planed and implemented and who will take its initiative.
      *** Dr. Milind Jiwane  
      National Chairman
      Civil Rights Protection Cell
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