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Re: [bodhisatva_group] Re: So Called Proposed ..... 1st World Ambedkarite Literary Conferecne 2014 to be held at Nagpur (India) & Tainted Hindu Orthrodox Mr. Girish Gandhi.

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  • Dr. Milind Jiwane
    Dear Jamanadas ji , Shishir, & Prashant,            First i am thankful to Dr. Jamanadas ji, whose comments seems to be kept moral values. Regarding
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      Dear Jamanadas ji , Shishir, & Prashant,
                 First i am thankful to Dr. Jamanadas ji, whose comments seems to be kept moral values.
      Regarding the comments of  Shishir, It is because of the unmoral works of our leaders & literary persons etc.
      It seems to be presentation of common mass. So it is our leaders' duty to change our wrong policies and
      to follow the proper action on the guidelines of Buddha & Bodhisatva Dr. Ambedkar.
                  Regarding the comments of Prashant, It seem to be not cleared. Is he supporting Mr . Girish Gandhi as
      Welcome Chairperson of proposed 1st World Ambedkarite Literary Conference 2014 ! Yes, we must
      welcome the decision of Organizing Committee for conducting the historic event. Even we congratulated
      Dr Yashwant Manohar for his selection as Chairperson of this Global Conference. But it is our duty to follow
      the moral values. Because we are follower of Buddha & Bodhisatva Dr. Ambedkar.
                The members of the Organizing Committee are well financially established. If every member can
      share Rs. 25, 000/- to Rs. 50,000/- from their own pocket, there is no need of  outer support of Mr. Girish Gandhi..
      Even our society members will also share their contribution. They expect honesty, dedication, devotion only.
               Expecting your constructive views.
      Dr. Milind Jiwane
      Chairman, Civil Rights Protection Cell

      From: Prashant Tambe <pashyapt@...>
      To: bodhisatva_group@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Friday, 16 August 2013 12:27 PM
      Subject: Re: [bodhisatva_group] Re: So Called Proposed ..... 1st World Ambedkarite Literary Conference 2014
      to be held at Nagpur (India) & Tainted Hindu Orthodox Mr. Girish Gandhi.

      Dear all, 

      Jai Bhim !! 

      Hope you all keeping well and enjoying the mindfulness. 

      Referring to the ongoing discussion about the  proposed literary conference in nagpur and the comments on the name of the president of the program i wish to  request all the members to refrain from passing personal and insulting remarks. As the name of the group suggests, its Bodhisatva ... lets be compassionate!!   

      On Fri, Aug 16, 2013 at 5:57 AM, jamanadask <kjmndas@...> wrote:
      Dear Milind,

      Jai Bhim,

      I agree with you about Girish Gandhi. Whosoever finalized his name has done great disservice to the cause. Your request to Yashwant Manohar to return award amount is also a welcome move.

      Dr. K. Jamanadas
      16th August 2013

      --- In bodhisatva_group@yahoogroups.com, Shishir Bhadke <shishirbhadke@...> wrote:

       It is whose allegation? is it new things happening first time among pseudo Ambedkarite?
       How can we call these organiser Ambedkarites? What should be the code of conducts of the Ambedkaites?
      These are the product of Puna Pact. This is the sponsor programme of bSO. I don't find any quality
      among Dr. Narendra Jhadhav who had worshiped Ganesha openly. He has declare himself that he
      does not want to follow the path of Babasaheb. What is the contribution of Yashwant Manohar, How many
       people become have change themsleve after reading his literature. He and Pradeep Aglawe were the founder
      member of the Students Assocition in NU, Where is the organisation and where are they? A lot many
      problems are there in our uncultured society. They are following the baseless ideology. They will never
      stuck to any particular Ideology. They are born slave and will die as stooges. I wish them to get success in
      all generation.
      On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 9:54 PM, Dr. Milind Jiwane
       milindjiwane_buddha@...> wrote:
      [Attachment(s) <#1407da5ae862e5ab_TopText> from Dr. Milind Jiwane
      included below]

      So Called Proposed .... 1st World Ambedkarite Literary Conference 2014 to
      be held at Nagpur (India) & Tainted Hindu Orthrodox Mr. Girish Gandhi.

                Jagtik Ambedkarwadi Sahitya Mahamandal ( Global Ambedkarite Literary Council) will be
      proposed 1st Global Ambedkarite Literary Conference 2014 at Nagpur on January 2014. We
      should welcome the decision of organizing committee for organizing this historic event.
      The organizing members of the committee are Prof. Deepak Khobragade (President), Dr. Shailesh Bahadure (Secretary),
      Dhanraj Patil, Dr. Keshao Patil (Principal), Prof. Buddharaj Moon, Vini Meshram, Sujit Murmade, Pramod Walke,
      Prof. Abhishek Chimankar, Prof. Yalesh Borkar, Dr. Sidarth Butale, Dr. Shailendra Lende and recently
       joined my friend Prof. Pradeep Aglawe & Prof. Dr. Prakash Kharat.
               Few days before, i appealed to the Organizing Committee to replace the name of Mr. Girish Gandhi,
      a tainted Hindu Orthodox and nominate any Proper eminent Buddhist - Ambedkarite personalities.
      But the committee members have more faith on Mr. Girish Gandhi than Ambedkarite activists. Nearly 90 %
      Ambedakite Activists and Literary personalities are against this policy. In future, any bad incidence
      will be happened in the conference premises, who will take the responsibility! Because
      the history of the members of the organizing committee are not related with the Social activities.
                 According to the views of the committee members, Mr. Girish Gandhi is saint, devotee and
      have done lot of for Ambedakarite movement. Mr. Gandhi has felicitated by Dr. Ambedkar Awards with
       giving Rs. 5 lacks to Dr. Yashwant Manohar, Dr. Narendra Jadhao etc. No one do the such work by
      the member of other community. Even Mr. Gandhi has given financial support to our activities. I don't
      like to expose the details black activities of Mr. Girish Gandhi in here. Because it is against the principle
      of Buddhism. But i pointed out three evidences of black activities of Mr. Girish Gandhi for awareness of my
      society members. Our Buddhist young girl named Ms. Sudeshana Gedam, who was working as a "Assistant" of
      Adv. Narendra Mohta, cousin of Mr. Girish Gandhi. Adv Narendra Mohta, who raped on Ms. Sudeshana.
      She approached to police. Then Adv. Surrendered before Ms. Sudeshana and illegally wedded with here
      in Hindu temple. After that, Adv Mohta purchased a flat at Ramdaspeth, Nagpur for and used her. When this
      news came to know by Mr. Mohta Family members and Mr. Girish Gandhi, they kicked out Mrs. Sudeshana from
      flat and abusing by Dhed, Chamar. Not only this, Mr. Girish Gandhi used his political power and registered
      complaints against here. When Mrs. Sudeshana went to Police station and filed a complaint, due to political power,
       it is not be registered. It is why, she approached before the social organizations. Her agitation is still going on. The said
      copy is attached here with.
                      The second example of Hon. S.N. Subbarao, 84 years old, Gandhian activist. Mr. Girish Gandhi
      who honored by self named "Girish Gandhi Social National Award" to Hon. S N Subbarao. Gandhian activist of
      Nagpur was opposed it and appealed to Hon. Subbarao, not to accept fake Gandhi award. Due to misguiding to Subbarao,
      he accepted the award by the hand of Girish Gandhi. But he realized the facts, he sent letter to Mr. Dilip Mirzapure and
      expressed his feeling and used the word for Mr. Girish Gandhi as " Tainted Hand." The letter of Hon. Subbarao is attached herewith.
                     The third example is Maharashtra Rashtrabhasha Sabha land case. Mr. Girish Gandhi is a President of this NGO,
      who got 4298.60 square meter Land of Mouza - Ambazari, NIT House No. 1155, K.No. 84, City Survey No. 1643
      on the cost of nominal Rs. 1/- for the purpose spreading Hindi language and social purpose. But Mr Gandhi sold the
      said property to family members of Mr. Datta Meghe, M.P. and Golchha family. a businessman illegally. It is why , Gandhian
      activist Hon. Madhukar Kukde, President of Citizen Forum for Equality, filed PIL No. 47/2013 to Hon. High court,
      Bombay Bench Nagpur. The notice served to Mr. Gandhi and others. The said copy of Property card is enclosed herewith.
                        My appealed to our Dhamma brothers not to use the black money of Mr. Girish Gandhi. Even i appealed
      to Dr. Yashwant Manohar to refund Rs. 5 lacks Award cheque to Mr. Gandhi on moral ground. Yes, i congratulated you for
      the selection as Chairperson of 1st World Ambedkarite Literary Conference 2014. If Mr. Girish Gandhi will be replaced from
      Welcome Chairperson, myself and my team members will give support and every types of co-operation.
                       After knowing the above facts of Mr. Gandhi, Did you support it...
                       I will keep this matter for the proper action from you. Remember, you have to face the answer to our society.
       Dr. Milind Jiwane
      Chairman, Civil Rights Protection Cell
      A-27/214, UCIL Colony, Narawapahar, Shingbhum East, Post:- Narwa Mines,
       Jamsedpur, 832111 ,
       Jharkhand, India
       91-9631081459, 06572741757( Jh.),

      "It may be your interest to be our master but how it can be ours to be your slave!" Thucydides "
      Men are mortal. So are ideas. An idea needs propagation as much as a plant needs watering. Otherwise both will
      wither and die." Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

      Prashant Tambe 


      Lets make efforts to make world a better place 

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