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Re: [Buddhism_101] Can anyone help me understand what my favourite Amdo stars' songs talk about?

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  • ken
    Hi, Alice, Thanks for your compliments. But you exaggerate. Thanks for that. :) Riches-- in the sense of money-- isn t the only attractive part of a country.
    Message 1 of 4 , May 21, 2013
      Hi, Alice,

      Thanks for your compliments. But you exaggerate. Thanks for that. :)

      Riches-- in the sense of money-- isn't the only attractive part of a
      country. I spent a little time in Italy and found it beautiful and
      wonderful beyond words. You shouldn't underestimate it or the Italian
      language. If French is the language of diplomacy, then surely Italian
      is the language of music. Its contributions to art and film, fashion
      and architecture are enormous as well. And if Italy hadn't been such a
      pleasant place to live four hundred years ago, then perhaps more
      Italians would have left there, come to America (named after an
      Italian), and America now would be speaking Italian. Yours is truly a
      fantastic country.

      If the emails you write are representative, you're English is excellent.
      I even thought you must be a native English speaker living in Italy.
      So I wouldn't worry about your English skills at all.

      Before I wrote my reply to you, just a couple of days ago, I checked
      Livemocha and found that, yes, there are Tibetan speakers there.
      Perhaps they've recently updated the number of languages they include,
      because I found the Tibetan language listed there too. Maybe we'll bump
      into each other on Livemocha.

      You might want to create a lesson there by uploading your Tibetan songs.
      Maybe someone will translate them for you and then the songs and their
      translations will be there to help others trying to learn Tibetan.

      Best regards,

      On 05/21/2013 03:19 PM Alice Ferrante wrote:
      > Hello Ken,
      > thanks a lot for your prompt reply. I think your idea is brilliant, I
      > thank you sincerely for suggesting it.
      > I have a Livemocha account, but Tibetan is not listed as one of the
      > languages Livemocha offers courses for.
      > Do you, by any chance, happen to know if native Tibetan speakers use
      > that site anyway? If not, I could try some other language exchange site.
      > Actually, there’s one thing which makes me feel very unsure: I am a
      > native Italian speaker, and I doubt any Tibetan would want to learn
      > Italian. People usually want to learn a European language like English
      > or German, because Britain and Germany are rich countries, surely richer
      > than Italy anyway. Who would want to learn Italian these days, and why?
      > However, I’m so happy to have joined this community because I am a
      > Buddhist; I didn’t join just to ask about Tibetan songs.
      > A skyful of blessings,
      > Alice
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      > *Da:* ken <gebser@...>
      > *A:* Buddhism_101@yahoogroups.com
      > *Inviato:* Lunedì 20 Maggio 2013 13:35
      > *Oggetto:* Re: [Buddhism_101] Can anyone help me understand what my
      > favourite Amdo stars' songs talk about?
      > Alice,
      > You could sign up at livemocha.com... it's free... and find someone
      > there who is a native Tibetan speaker.
      > The point of that website is to connect people who will help one another
      > learn the other's language. So you would look for someone there who
      > speaks Tibetan and wants to learn English (or some other language you
      > might know). They would be looking for someone wanting to learn Tibetan
      > and to help them with the language(s) you know.
      > You could also post the song lyrics there, if you can type them into
      > your computer (then copy them into their website).
      > As said, this is all free, so all it would cost is your time.
      > hth,
      > ken
      > On 05/15/2013 02:45 PM lastelladelmare wrote:
      > > Hello everyone! :)
      > >
      > > I love Tibetan songs and have downloaded many from You Tube. I listen to
      > > them all the time, but I managed to find translations of only too few of
      > > them (specifically, those which are subtitled).
      > > I'd like to have a Tibetan-speaking friend who could help me find
      > > translations of more songs.
      > >
      > > Looking forward to your reply, Tashi Delek!:)
      > >
      > > Alice
      > >
      > >
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