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    catalogue Divine Books Divine Books In the Service of Scholars since 1976 40/ 13, Shakti Nagar, Delhi 110007 Ph.No. 011 65196428 Email
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      catalogue  Divine Books

      Divine Books

      In the Service of Scholars since


      40/ 13,  Shakti Nagar,Delhi 110007

      Ph.No. 011 65196428   

      Email -divinebooksindia@...


      Our Series

      Lala Murari Lal Chharia Oriental Series,
      Sri Garib Das Ayurveda Series,
      Divine Buddhist Texts and Studies Series


      Lala Murari Lal Chharia Oriental Series



      1 & 2. Srimad Bhagavatam with the text of Sridhar with Visisitaadvaita and  Dvaita Readings Vol. I Skandhas 1- 7 & Vol. 2 Skandhas 8-12./ Ed.by T.R. Krishnacharya/ ISBN.978-81-920763-0-0/ (SET) /Rs. 800


      3. Brihat Jataka of Varaha Mihira. Translated  by N.C. Aiyar. ISBN.978-81-920763-3-1 / Rs. 500


      5.  The Twelve Principal Upanisads with Notes from the Commentaries of Sankaracharya and the Gloss/ Trans. into English by E.Roer, E.B.Cowell, Rajendra Lal Mitra./ ISBN.978-81-920763-5-5/ Rs.800


      6 & 7. The Brahma Vaivarta Purana , 2 Vols.- (Brahma and Prakriti Khandas Vol.I.)., (Ganesa and Krishna Janma Khandas. Vol.II) / Trans.into English by Rajendra Nath Sen, 978-81-920763-8-6 (SET) /  Set.Rs.1000


      9 & 10. The Brihat Samhita of Varaha Mihira,  2 Vols.-  Eng.Trans/ N.Chidambaram Iyer.(2 Parts.)ISBN 978-93-81218-17-4(SET)  / Set. Rs 600


      11. Bhakti Ratnawali with  the Commentary of Vishnu Puri Translated by a Professor of Sanskrit, ISBN.978-93-81218-29-7 / Rs. 300


      12.  An Introduction to the Yoga Philosophy/ Srisa Chandra Vasu, ISBN.978-93-81218-28-0/ Rs.120


      13, The Brihat Jatakam of Varaha Mihira.Eng.Trans. by Swami Vijnananda.   ISBN. 978-93-81218-27-3. Rs. 500


      14. The Patanjali"s Yoga Sutras.Trans. Rama Prasada. Delhi ,2011. ISBN.978-93-81218-26-6. / Rs. 400

       15.   Sri Narada Pancaratram - The Jnanamrita sara Samhita/ English Translation Swami Vijnananda/     ISBN 978-93-81218-25-9 / Rs.400


      16-24..Sriman Mahabhartam-  A New edition mainly based on the South Indian texts with footnotes and readings (  9 vol. with a Descriptive contents &  Alphabetical Index of Sriman Mahabharatam) Ed. T.R.Krishnacharya & T.R.Vyasacharya. / 9 Vols.Set. ISBN.978-93-81218-39-6 (set). Rs.3000


      25. Lalitaarchana-Chandrika-Hymns to Lalita, form of Tripurasundari, Hindu Deity for Worship and Associated rituals/ Trans.Prof.S.K.Ramachandara Rao. 2nd ed. ISBN.978-93-219-45-7. Rs. 300


      26. Pratyabhijnahrdayam of Ksemaraja- The Essence of Self-Recognition/ Introduction with practical notes/Dmitri Semenov.ISBN.978-93-81218-47-1. Rs  250



      27,28,29. Vastu- Silpa Kosha 
      Encyclopaedia of Hindu Temple Architecture and Vastu / Prof. S. K.Ramachandra Rao. ,
      978-93-81218-51-8,(SET).    3 Vols. Set. Rs.2000

      The Vastu-shilpa-kosha  is a three volume encyclopedic work .
      The first volume has explained  comprehensively the fundamentals of the Indian architecture. It deals with the Agama tradition, the various kinds of Agama texts, the Alaya tradition and the concept of Vastu.

      The second volume has a detailed description of Vastu illustrations and symbolic  representations. The third volume focuses on the architectural and scuptural ideas. It deals with Vastu Vidya, the rituals of Alaya-sthapana and other details.



      30. Bhavopanishad  -Text with Translation and Explanation./ S. K. Ramachandra Rao. ISBN.978-93-81218-56-3. / Rs.600


      31. Sri Sukta-Text with Translation and Explanation./ Prof.S.K.Ramachandra Rao.ISBN.978-93-81218-55-6. / Rs.200


       32.  The Teachings of the Odd-Eyed One- A Study and Translation of the Virupaksapancasika, with the Commentary of Vidyacakravartin/ David Peter Lawrence . / Rs. 600

       A study and translation of a tantric contemplative manual and the commentary on it.

      This book offers the first published translation of the contemplative manual Virūpāksapañcasikā, written circa the twelfth century CE, and the commentary on it, Vivrti by Vidyācakravartin. These late works from the Pratyabhijñā tradition of monistic and tantric Kashmiri Śaiva philosophy focus on means to deindividualize and disclose the primordial, divine essential natures of the human ego and body-sense.

       33. The Advaita Worldview-  God, World, and Humanity/ Anantanand Rambachan/ Rs. 400


      2007 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title

      A new interpretation of Hindu tradition focusing on the nature of God, the value of the world, and the meaning of liberation.


      34. Meditation on Lalita Sahsaranama/ Prof.S.K.Ramachandra Rao. / Rs 400


      35.   The Philosophy Sadhana-  with Special Reference to the Trika Philosophy of Kashmir/ Deba Brata Sen Sharma. Foreword Paul Muller Ortega. / Rs. 450


      36.   Singing Krishna – Sound becomes sight in Paramanand’s Poetry/ A Whitney Sanford/ RS. 600

      Singing Krishna introduces Paramānand, one of north India’s greatest medieval poet-saints, whose poetry has been sung from the sixteenth century to the present in ritual service to the Hindu deity Krishna.


      37.  Jivanmukti in Transformation- Embodied Liberation in Advaita and Neo Vedanta/ Andrew O Fort/ Rs. 600


      The Book Examines the Hindu concept of liberation while living from the perspective of the Advaita Vedanta school from the Upanisads to modern times.


      38.  Yoga and the Luminous- Patanjali’s  Spiritual Path to Freedom/ Christopher Key Chapple/ Rs. 500




      Sri Garib Das Ayurveda Series



      3. Ayurvedic Care & Cure of the Digestive System/ Prof. Dr.P. H.Kulkarni. ISBN.978-03-81218-19-8  / Rs.300


      4. Experiments with Drugs of Ayurveda/ Dr.P.H. Kulkarni/978-93-81218-20-4 / Rs.300


      5.Ayurveda Philosophy and Practice/ Prof. P.H.Kulkarni., 978-93-81218-41-9/ Rs.250


      6. Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Massage/ John  Douillard/  
      978-93-81218-40-2/  Rs. 900                                               

      This book features more than 15 massage treatments, each described in step-by-step detail and some synchronized with two therapists for up to two hours in length. It provides the reader with all the tools necessary to begin Ayurvedic treatments as a part of a spa menu or massage therapy program.


                    Dr. John Douillard is the author of The 3-Season Diet &  Body, Mind, &  Sport, which has sold over 60,000 copies & has been printed in six languages. John received his Ayurvedic training in India and holds a Ph.D. in Ayurvedic medicine. He co-directed Deepak Chopra's Ayurvedic center for eight years and has trained over 2000 Western doctors in Ayurvedic medicine. He has been teaching Ayurvedic medicine, natural health, fitness, and nutrition internationally for seventeen years. Currently he directs the LifeSpa School of Ayurveda and practices Ayurvedic and chiropractic medicine at LifeSpa in Boulder, Colorado.

                    "With great clarity and precision, Dr. John Douillard has provided a detailed guidebook to the profound system of Ayurvedic massage, bringing this ancient method of yogic healing into practical focus for everyone to use in its many different forms." - Dr. David Frawley


      7. Ayurveda Nidana -The Diagnosis & Pathology. / Prof. P.H.Kulkarni, ISBN 978-93-81218-57-0./  Rs.300


      8. Positive Health in Ayurveda/ S. R. Sudarshan, ISBN.978-93-81218-58-7. / Rs.300


      9. Obesity and Ayurveda- Care and Cure /Prof. Ajay Kumar  Sharma , Dr. Amit Kumar Sharma. ISBN.978-93-81218-58-4./  Rs.500


      10. Hindu Bioethics for the Twenty First Century/ S. Cromwell Crawford /
      Rs. 600

      Explores contemporary controversies in bioethics from a Hindu perspective.

      “No study on Bioethics will be complete and no problem of Bioethics will amicably be solved until and unless Hindu Bioethics for the Twenty-first Century is referred to.” — Vedic Science 

      “…provides an excellent introduction to contemporary Hindu philosophy and religion, helping the reader to gain important insights into the manner in which these issues are addressed.” — New Jersey Medicine


      11. Mettalic and Mineral Drugs in Ayurveda/ S. R. Sudarshan/ Rs. 500


      12. Introduction to Ayurveda/ Prof. S. K. Ramachandra Rao/ Rs. 500


      13. Fundamentals of Ayurvedic Medicine/ Prof. Dr. P.H. Kulkarni. / Rs. 300




      Divine Buddhist Texts and Studies Series



      1. The Dhammapada & Sutta Nipata (Collection of Verses & Discourses). Translated into English by F Max Muller & V. Fausball.  , ISBN.978-93-81218-09-9/ Rs.500


      2. Analysis of the Abhisamayalamkara / E.Obermiller.
      ISBN. 978-93-81218-18-1. / Rs. 700


      3. The Life of Buddha by Ashvaghosha  Bodhisattva - Translated from Chinese into English by Samuel Beal. / ISBN 978-93-  81218-14-3 / Rs.450


      4. Buddhist Suttas/ English Translation by  T.W. Rhys Davids.
      ISBN 978-93-81218-02-0 /   Rs.450


      5. Hand Book of Colloquial Tibetan/ Graham Sandberg. 
      ISBN.978-93-81218-10-5. Rs.450


      6.  Buddha Carita of Asvaghosha / English Translation by  E.B.Cowell.
      ISBN 978-93-81218-04-4/ Rs.300


      7. The Larger Sukhavati-Vyuha,  Smaller Sukhavati-Vyuha,
       Vajracchedika, Larger Prajna Paramita Hridaya Sutra, Smaller Prajna Paramita Hridaya Sutra /
      Trans. F. Max Muller, 
      The Amitaayur Dhyana Sutra
      Translated by  J.Takakusu, (The Buddhist Mahayana Text)/Delhi ,2011. ISBN.978-93-81218-03-7,  / Rs.500


      8- 10. Vinaya Texta/ Translated by T.W. Rhys Davids & Hermann Oldenberg, 3 Vols.

      (VOL  I- The Patimokkha, The Mahavagga I-IV.), (VOL. II-The Mahavagga,V-X, The Culavagga I-III), (VOL. III-  The Culavagga IV-XII)

      978-93-81218-08-2 (Set.) / Price. Rs.600 Per Vol. /
      Rs. 1800 ( 3 vols.set)


      11. The Lotus Sutra - English translation of Saddharma-Pundrika Sutra/ Trans.H.Kern/ ISBN 978-93-81218-01-3  /  Rs. 450


      13  & 14. The Questions of King Milinda.Trans. T.W.Rhys Davids. 2 Vols. 978-93-81218-24-2. (Set.) Rs. 600 Per Vols.,/ Rs. 1200 (set)


      15.  Buddhist Texts fromJapan . Ed. F.Max Muller, ISBN. 978-93-81218-43-3./  Rs.600



      16. Experiencing  Buddhism - Ways of Wisdom and Compassion / by Ruben L. F. Habito / .  ISBN.978-93-81218-46-4.Rs. 450


      This book engages the reader with its story-telling style as it illustrates the principles of Buddhism with concrete examples. Paying special attention to the rise of Buddhist practice in the West, Habito introduces the novice to Buddhist experience in its historical unity and the variety of traditions that reflect its essence. Integrated into Habito’s text are five personal accounts by practicing Buddhists: on being a Therevada Buddhist by the Venerable Dhammananda, Dr. Chatsumarn Kabilsing; on being a Zen Buddhist by Jan Chozen Bays; on being a Tibetan Buddhist by Judith Simmer Brown; on being a Pure Land Buddhist by Kenneth Tanaka; and on living the Lotus by Virginia Straus


      17. Nagarjuna & the Philosophy of Openness/ Nancy McCagney/ Rs. 400


       Nancy McCagney demonstrates that the concept of space ('akasa') in early Indian Mahayana Buddhism is the root metaphor for Nagarjuna's understanding of 'sunyata', or openness. Nagarjuna's use of the term 'sunyata' was new, and contrasted with the word's use in Pali Buddhist literature. By using the word to mean 'openness,' Nagarjuna was able to elucidate, through a deeper analysis of impermanence, a consistent philosophical foundation for the truth and efficacy of Gautama's Middle Way. McCagney's book will be important for those studying Indian philosophy, Buddhism, and the philosophy of religion.


      18. Mediating the Power of Buddhas- Ritual in the  Manjusrimulakalpa / Glenn Wallis/   Rs. 600


      Analyzes a seventh-century ritual manual that provides both a rich source of information of medieval Buddhist life and addresses the ongoing concern of how an adherent can encounter the power of a buddha.

      Mediating the Power of Buddhas
      offers a fascinating analysis of the seventh-century ritual manual, the Mañjusrimulakalpa. This medieval text is intended to reveal the path into a ritual universe where the power of a buddha abides. Author Glenn Wallis traces the strategies of the Mañjusrimulakalpa to enable its committed reader to perfect the promised ritual, uncovering what conditions must be met for ritual practice to succeed and what personal characteristics practitioners must possess in order to realize the ritual intentions of the Buddhist community. The manual itself was written at a key point in Buddhist history, one when Hindu forms of practice were still imitated and on the cusp of the shift from Mahayana to Vajrayana (or Tantric) Buddhism. In addition, the Mañjusrimulakalpa presents a rich compendium of Buddhist life in an earlier era, containing information on a variety of its readers' concerns: astrology, astronomy, medicine and healing, ritual practice, iconography, devotion, and meditation.






       Books Of VASU Publications

      1. Rigveda – 6 Vols Set / H.H.Wilson, 3000 pages, Rs. 2500

      2. Kaula & other Upanishdas/ Ed.Arthur Avalon, Rs. 150

      3. Tara Bhakti Sudharanava/  Ed. Sita Ram Sastry, Rs. 500

      4. Ayurveda Vijnana/ Binod Lall , 2 Vols., Rs. 1200

      5. Buddhism In China/   Samuelbeal,  Rs.400

      6. Jinendramala/  Translated By N.C.Iyer Rs.250

      7. Buddhism, Histroical,Theoretical/ Eitel, Rs.200

      8. Advaitasiddhi Of  Madhusudana Saraswati/ Tran. Ganganath Jha, Rs.500

      9. Sanskrit Syntax/ J.S.Speijer, Rs.400

      10. Root Verbs Form/  W.D.Whitney, Rs.300

      11. Sanskrit Grammar For Students/ A.A.Macdonell, Rs.250

      12. Hand Book  of  Chinese Buddhism/  Itel, Rs.450

      13. Awakening of  Faith/ Richrd Timothy, Rs.250

      14. Suttanipata/ Trans. By V.Fousball, Rs.300

      15. Bengali Religious Lyrics-Sakta/ Spencer, Rs.250

      16. Apastambiya Grihyasutra/ Ed. Maurice Winternitz, Rs.250

      17. Mantrapath/ Ed. Maurice Winternitz, Rs.300

      18. Ishanasivagurudevapaddhati/ Ed.T.Ganpathi Sasgtri, 4 Vols.  Rs. 1500

      19. Travels  of  Fa Hiel/ Samuel Beal, Rs.250

      20. Srimad Devi Bhagavatam/ Trans. By Swami Vijnananda, Rs.800

      21. Eastern Monacism/  R.Spence Hardy, Rs.600

      22. Bijak of  Kabir/Tr.Ahmad Shah, Rs.300

      23. Sanskrit Reader/ C.R.Lanman, Rs.450

      24. Manual of  Buddhism/ R.Spence Hard, Rs.450

      25. Buddha &  Buddhism/ Arthur Lille., Rs.450

      26. Tibetan English Dictionary/ Alexandar Csoma De Koros, Rs.500

      27. Legends And Theories of the Buddhists/ R. Spence Hardy, R.450

      28. Pali Reader And Glossary/ Dines Anderson, 2 Vols., 600-00

      29. Tibetan English Dictionary/ H.A.Jaske, Rs.500

      30. History of  Pali Literature/ B.C.Law, 2 Vols., Rs.800

      31. English Tibetan Dictionary / Lama Dawasamdup Kazi, Rs.700

      32. Pancavimsa Brahmana/ Trans. By W.Caland, Rs.600

      33. Markandeya Purana/ Trans. F.Pargiter, Rs.750

      34. Ayurvedic System Of Medicie/  N.N. Sengupta,
      2 Vols. 1500

      35. Jatka-Stories Of The Buddha’s Former Births/    E.W.Cowell, 4 Vols.,Rs.2000

      36. Six System of  Indian Philosophy/F.Max Muller, 600

      37. Purascharyarnaya/ Ed. Pandita M.D. Jha, 3vols SET,
      Rs. 1500




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