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Drupon Trinley/Supreme Bliss Chakrasamvara Emp. & Completion Stage Teachings/Sept 16-18, 2011

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    Drupon Trinley Ningpo Chakrasamvara Supreme Bliss Retreat Achi Dharma Tara Empowerment Chakrasamvara Supreme Bliss Empowerment Chakrasamvara Five Stages of
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      Drupon Trinley Ningpo
      Chakrasamvara Supreme Bliss Retreat

      Achi Dharma Tara Empowerment

      Chakrasamvara Supreme Bliss Empowerment

      Chakrasamvara Five Stages of Arising Completion Stage Teachings

      September 16-18, 2011
      Bristol, Vermont

      Retreat Schedule

      Friday, September 16
      Achi Dharma Tara Empowerment & Pure Vision Achi Transmission

      Achi Dharma Tara is the the head of the Karma - Activitiy Dakinis and is an
      emanation of Vajrayogini. This Pure Vision practice is a very recent
      treasure revelation especially potent for these difficult times when there
      are many obstacles to accomplishing spiritual practice. This practice also
      has different activity sections for increasing life force, summoning
      prosperity, divining the future as well as many other special activity
      sections that make this practice unique.
      Time: 7 PM
      Sug. Don. $30
      Location: 2 Elm St. Bristol, VT

      Saturday-Sunday, September 17-18
      Chakrasamvara Supreme Bliss Empowerment

      The practice of Chakrasamvara, or the 'Supreme Wheel of Bliss', is one of
      the most important mother tantra practices. It has been practiced both
      widely in India and Tibet by many Mahasiddhas and continues to be practiced
      to this very day. This particular empowerment is of the Chakrasamvara from
      the tradition of Ghantapa, an Indian Mahasiddha. In this practice
      Chakrasamvara has two-arms and is in union with Vajravarahi. The
      empowerment and sadhana come from a collection of four key annutarayoga
      tantra deities (Guhyasamaja, Chakrasamvara, Hevajra, and Kalacakra) put
      together by the Drigung Kagyu master Rigdzin Chokyi Dragpa.

      The Chakrasamvara Section of the Essential Meaning
      of the Annutarayoga Tantra Completion Stage,The Profound Upadesha
      By Rigdzin Chvkyi Dragpa

      This text reveals the essence of the Kagyu tradition of practicing the
      Chakrasamvara completion stage. Such instructions are widely known as the
      Five Stages of Arising. These five stages represent vital elements to the
      entire formula of tantric Buddhism and were practiced and commented on
      widely throughout India and Tibet. The five stages of the Chakrasamvara
      completion stage are based on the commentary composed by the Indian
      Mahasiddha Ghatapada, who wrote the earliest known Completion Stage
      commentary on the practice of Chakrasamvara.

      The Completion Stage text text by Rigdzin Chvkyi Dragpa was designed
      specifically to compliment the generation stage sadhana of Chakrasamvara
      with the Chakrasamvara completion stage practices of the five stages. These
      teachings include very important practical teachings on the Completion Stage
      including practices on engaging in consort practice. The teachings on this
      text will be a rare opportunity to receive an introduction to the heart of
      the ancient vajrayana practices of the completion stage.
      Time: 9:30-5 PM Both Days
      Sug. Don. $120
      Location: 2 Elm St. Bristol, VT



      For those attending the complete Retreat (September 16-18) the suggested
      donation is $150.

      To Register please email ddcv@...
      Or call 802-453-3431
      Work Study and Scholarships Available
      No one turned away for financial reasons.

      If you are able to pre-register for these teachings that is very much
      appreciated. But it is also ok to register at the door the day of the
      event.Registration checks should be made out to DDCV and sent to:

      PO Box 252
      Bristol, VT 05443

      You can also pay by Paypal.
      Our Paypal account is ddcv@...
      To pay by credit card please call 802-453-3431.

      All teachings September 16-18, 2011 will take place at 2 Elm St. Bristol, VT


      Community Housing

      Inexpensive community housing is available for $20-25 per night. Contact us
      at ddcv@... or call 802-453-3431 if you need housing.


      Drupon Thinley Ningpo Rinpoche Biography
      The Venerable Drupon Thinley Ningpo Rinpoche was born in Nag-chu District
      of Tibet. From his earliest years, the Venerable Thinley Ningpo was
      distinguished by a loving and compassionate nature and an active concern for
      the welfare of others. He entered school at the age of eight, and
      diligently pursued his elementary education. As he became the outstanding
      student in his school, he was rewarded with an appointment as teacher for
      the lower grades when he turned 17 years old. At that time he held a second
      job as a clerk for the municipal government. In addition to his teaching
      and clerical work, the Venerable Thinley Ningpo pursued studies in
      veterinary medicine. After continuing this work for some time, his natural
      inclination towards religion developed into a determination to pursue higher
      spiritual studies. His father supported his decision, and applied to the
      proper authorities. He then entered the 'Brong-ngur Monastery where became
      a student of the eminent Buddhist scholar, Lama Kedrub Siddhi Rinpoche, who
      chose him from among all the new students to be his disciple. He engaged in
      the study of a wide range of Drikung Buddhist traditions, including ritual
      practices, mandala and stupa design and construction and the art of
      producing bronze images of sacred beings. Subsequently, he was made
      director of the project to construct a new main stupa for the monastery.
      After completing this formidable project in an excellent manner, he went on
      a pilgrimage to Drikung Thel Monastery where he met the great yogin and
      scholar, Drubwang Pa-chung Rinpoche. Ven. Thinley Ningpo was inspired to
      asked for the essential precepts for the higher spiritual practices.
      Recognizing his unique abilities, Rinpoche agreed and asked his to return at
      daybreak. He thus was able to receive the profound essence instructions in
      the practice and mastery of the peerless Mahamudra.

      In 1988 Ven. Thinley Ningpo went on a pilgrimage to the sacred places of
      Tibet. This brought him to the western regions where he took a fortuitous
      opportunity to escape to India. This was accomplished through a very
      perilous two-month journey on foot across the Himalaya. Once safely in
      India, he proceeded to the Drikung Kagyu Temple and entered into the
      institute of higher education. After completing his course of study, he was
      appointed as dean of the institute. He served in this capacity for six

      Ven. Thinley Ningpo spent 1994 in spiritual retreat during which time he
      accomplished all the preliminary practices of the Fife-fold Mahamudra. He
      then went to the Dorje Redrubde hermitage in Alora where he entered into the
      tradition three year retreat, where he accomplished the practices of the
      Fife-fold Mahamudra and the profound path of the Six Yogas of Naropa. He
      participated in the Drikung Kagyu Snake Year teaching retreat where he
      received the entire body of Drikung Kagyu empowerments, transmissions, and
      instructions for advanced practice. In this way he completed the process of
      advanced training in all the profound and sacred traditions of the Drikung
      and earned the title of Drupon "master of spiritual attainment".

      Motivated by his deep and constant desire to help others to attain
      liberation, Ven. Thinley Ningpo traveled to America. He is currently
      Spiritual Director and Retreat Master of the Tibetan Meditation Center in
      Frederick, MD.
      May these teachings benefit all sentient beings.
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