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9643Re: existential psychology (and: Re: Great book--Buddhist, yet not)

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  • Lorna
    Aug 3, 2008
      I, too, suffer from depressions, I am bipolar, so at least I get the mania-energy sometimes to counteract it.

      My wonderful Veteran's Administration "doctors" saw my lithium level was high (1.2) and cut my lithium in half. Limits are .06 - 1.3. My level could have occured from slight dehydration or the medication not clearing my system before the blood test.

      3 days later I decended into the worst suicidal, black depression I've had in 10 years. Instead of rushing to the useless hospital, I took on my Buddhist training and practice and read Buddhist books. In about a week the depression was gone and I had no new medications. So, in my opinion, you are right- it works! And I am very grateful for my practice.


                            "Present day animals may have been one's kin in the past; one's own parents or relatives may be reborn as an animal; there is no logic in exempting some meats; meat is impure, it is contaminated by body wastes; the prospect of being killed spreads terror amoung animals; all meat is nothing but carrion (decaying flesh); eating meat makes the consumer cruel and sensual; man is not a carnivore by nature."Shakyamuni Buddha in the Lankavatara Sutra

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