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9642existential psychology (and: Re: Great book--Buddhist, yet not)

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  • greyhabit
    Aug 3, 2008
      Hi Tamara,

      As an ex Paramedic, army and civilian, I have to firmly agree with
      John on this issue. My understanding of Clinical Depression is that at
      its worst it can be a living Hell for the sufferer. Meds are most
      often the only reliable way, at present, to deal with the chemical and
      electrical imbalances in the brain which cause these bouts. Do not
      under any circumstances come off your meds without careful medical
      supervision, the dangers to you, and others, should not be treated
      with anything other than extreme caution.

      On the plus side, our knowledge base is expanding all the time, and
      who knows what exotic cures could be found over the next few years !

      If you haven't already done so, try drawing up a list of the negatives
      and positives in your life, and through calm and creative
      reflection,and perhaps with the help of a wiling and trusted friend,
      try to find novel ways to ways to shift some of the negative
      influences to the positives side of the list. Your aim is to end up
      with more positives than negatives, eventually. This proess may have
      to be repeated over several weeks or months before you achieve a
      positive balance.

      Please make sure you eat a well balanced diet rich in fruits, and set
      aside regular periods during the day to have some simple fun, like
      feeding the birds or gardening. Try taking up Tai Chi, or Hill
      Walking, or Cycling. All of these help to exercise your brain as well
      as your body, and will contribute toward better sense of well being.

      I wish you lasting inner peace :)

      Br Maximillian EFO

      --- In Buddhism_101@yahoogroups.com, John Pellecchia <pellejf@...> wrote:
      > Tamara,
      > There are times when medication not meditation is essential to one's
      well-being and practice. I would sincerely hope that anyone who is
      prescribed medication by a doctor would consult with him or her before
      attempting to go off an Rx. Even then I'm sure the doctor would ween
      one off the meds while under their care and not suggest stopping
      immediately. There's no reason that you should be "...too scared to
      rely on my control of my mind...." The taking of medication in many
      cases should be in consort with meditation not in lieu of them. I
      believe any teacher of any lineage would agree with this.
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