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8595Finest Friendliness!

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  • Bhikkhu Samahita
    May 1, 2007
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      The Speech of the Buddha on Friendliness:

      What should the clever one advantageously do
      To attain This State called Peace, is this:
      He should be intelligent, straight, honest,
      Humble, gentle and never proud,
      Contented, and easy to support,
      Not busy, careful, and silenced.
      In abilities & senses, cautious, & modest,
      Not flattering families nor be demanding.
      He should do no even minor thing at all,
      That other wise men might criticize.

      Then he should think:
      May all beings be joyous and safe!
      Let every creature's mind rejoice.
      Whatever breathing beings there are,
      No matter whether feeble or firm,
      With none excepted, whether long;
      Tall, big, medium, short or small;
      Whether seen or unseen, visible or not;
      Whether living far or near, here or there;
      Whether existing or just about to become;
      Let every living being's mind be jubilant!!!
      Let none kill or another one undo,
      Nor harm anyone anywhere at all …
      Let none wish another any ill, neither
      From provocation nor by any evil revenge.
      Thus, as a mother with her own life
      Might guard her son, her only child, thus
      Should he maintain an infinite friendliness;
      for every living being, in sympathy for this
      entire universe, unlimited, endless & vast!
      Above, below, and all around, unimpeded,
      without any hatred, without any enemies!
      Whether standing, walking, seated or
      lying down while slumbering, he should always
      maintain such Awareness <http://localhost/WBSlocal/drops/III/Awareness_Sati.htm> of gentle kindness...
      This is the Divine Abiding here, they say.
      He that do not traffic with various views,
      Perfected in seeing what is right & wrong,
      Purged of lust for sense-pleasures, he will
      surely not come back here to any womb...

      Source: Minor Readings and the <http://www.pariyatti.com/book.cgi?prod_id=130231> Illustrator

      Friendship is the Greatest :-)
      Bhikkhu Samahita * Ceylon *

      Finest Friendliness! http://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/Metta.htm

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