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788Re: [Buddhism_101] Digest Number 196

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  • Kindnsruls@aol.com
    Jan 1, 2004
      In a message dated 1/1/2004 1:35:25 PM Eastern Standard Time, Buddhism_101@yahoogroups.com writes:
      Michael <mjkutan@...> wrote:
      My father sent me a letter telling me that my grandmother, Sophie
      Kutan has Acute Luekemia.  Because of her age, they can't do chemo. 
      They don't know how much longer she has.  She also has pneumonia.  I
      ask that you please pray with me so that she can stop suffering.  I
      don't know what else to do.  I am gay and ever since I came out we
      haven't spoken much because she is totally against homosexuality.  I
      love her very much and have told her so many times.  Thank you for
      your time.

      Michael it is so good that you continue to tell your Grandmother that you love her even though she may be having difficulty with acceptance of who you truly are.
      I'm sure that she still loves you just as much as she ever did before you came out to her.
      It is only samsaric mind, kleshas that are temporartily interfering with her expression of that love toward you.......but expressed or not the love I am sure remains in her heart.
      It is very confusing when we love someone deply, and then they present us with something that our thinking mind has assigned "unloveable."
      It creates a dilema that can cause a lot of growth as it can help us to realize that these rigid rules of thinking are "empty" from their own side, and only made real by our own perception.
      I don't know your grandmother......but pray that she will turn this thought over in her mind, realizing that since her love for her grandson cannot be wrong....then perhaps it is this perception that is incorrect.
      If this ocurrs.......jus think of what a wonderful gift of awareness you have provided your beloved grandmother at this stage of her life experience!  :D
      Offering a prayer that the suffering of Sophie Kutan passes quickly,
      May All Beings Be Happy.