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  • danielle wilson
    Aug 1, 2006
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      Greetings everyone!!
      I sit here this morning in my usual routine scanning my messages listening to my children debate what cereal is better, I live in southern california and it is overcast (which I love) at the moment. I only belong to a few boards, this is a new thing for me I am not a computer person but I have given it a shot. I have to say I love reading ideas and thoughts of others and how this can invoke our own ideas. Last weekend I visited my grandfather who lives in another state and a very, very small town.  Of course what a shock. There is a deaf child who lives on his street, I thought if that child lived where I live what oppertunities he would have. So watching the locals and seeing their lives I left thinking I can understand how being someone here who thinks outside of the box would have to leave or just become numb. Again, seeing all the things around me how blessed I am all the choices I have, stores, friends, freedoms to really be who I want to be. So I belong to another board more metaphyisics baised and there was a debate while I was gone on buddhism and enlightenment. I also live close to this community of people and work with in the lines. So personally knowing some of these people, this debate was heated and down right nasty, not to mention these are not people who have really and truely studied buddhism. I never get involved with this type of situation, but it must have been my trip and coming home seeing this, so I responded short and to the point. I used my compassion but I also used my mind. My intent came from a healing stand point but I have a difficult time with the directness. I have studied warriorship and I am wondering has anyone else and do they feel the same? Do you find it difficult with compassion and directness. I love the warriorship, I am going through a difficult custody situation my children have been harmed and I have no problem drawing my sword for them but with my peers it seems different. Any thoughts?

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