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563Re: [Buddhism_101] Re: New Member and Questions

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  • Axel Hinze
    Nov 4, 2003
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      > Again, the various branches are tecnics to bring about an integrated
      > realization of buddhist truth-zen by introspection, Pure land by the
      > vehicle of faith, Tibetan practices by mind exercises of
      > viualizations and of vocalizations. All have their merit, and it is
      > more the process of exploration to find that practice for which you
      > are suited. beware of any exclusivism! Anyone touting that they have
      > THE WAY to the exclusion of other means and other teachers is
      > probably in it for the money or the ego fluff.


      pls. allow another comment of someone who has made contact to several
      traditions/schools (I don't like the word 'sect' for its connotations). In additon
      to what Drudche said, I would invite you to have some reading for yourself.
      Find a book about "Buddhist Basics", which tries to explain the basic thinking
      of the path in plain words, best with quotes/citations to the so-called
      "Pali canon" (which is regarded to be the oldest complete collection of Gautama's
      Teachings. Upon this, you will find the need to practise - Buddhism is very
      much about practise. Learn to meditate - the basic, sitting technique is
      always the same througout all traditions. Practise for yourself or with a little
      group of other interested until you feel somewhat comfortable with that, and
      then simply visit the groups and teachers availabel in your surrounding,
      until something within you responds. It is a very delicate vibration, but with a
      very strong imperative. Then you will know you have found what you have been
      looking for - at least for a start.

      _()_ Axel
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