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559Re: New Member and Questions

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  • Oelund Fairking
    Nov 3, 2003
      Go back to the basics-the foundational beliefs of the eightfold path.
      Most of the Great vehicle practices which you describe differ only in
      the technics used in bringing about the understanding of emptiness
      and selfless ness, but your guideline as to what is essential
      buddhism lay in the basics. In so much as in christianity with the
      Apostolic creed, which (rightly or wrongly) give the foundational
      beliefs common by which one can adjudicate pure christian faith, so
      it can be said that the eightfold path, the teachings of emptiness
      and selflessness will be your distinguishing measure of the original
      teaching from the hybrid and extraneous.

      Again, the various branches are tecnics to bring about an integrated
      realization of buddhist truth-zen by introspection, Pure land by the
      vehicle of faith, Tibetan practices by mind exercises of
      viualizations and of vocalizations. All have their merit, and it is
      more the process of exploration to find that practice for which you
      are suited. beware of any exclusivism! Anyone touting that they have
      THE WAY to the exclusion of other means and other teachers is
      probably in it for the money or the ego fluff.


      --- In Buddhism_101@yahoogroups.com, kleelibby@w... wrote:
      > Hello,
      > My name is Karen, and I live in west central Florida. I have had an
      > interest in Buddhism for many years, have read several books, and
      > yesterday attended a lecture at the local library.
      > I came away from the lecture a little confused. I have heard of Zen
      > Buddhism, and the group presenting yesterday spoke of Nichiren
      > It seems to me that there are many different types of Buddhism.
      How do
      > I determine which is right for me? I have been invited to a weekly
      > meeting at a member's home this Wednesday, and hope that it will be
      > appropriate for me to ask questions at that time.
      > Thanks for any assistance and information.
      > Karen
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