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242Re: Re-incarnation

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  • blue_kamelion
    Jul 1 3:18 PM
      --- In Buddhism_101@yahoogroups.com, "Annette Gill" >
      > But I don't believe in mind as anything separate from the physical
      > brain. Therefore, I don't think my mind will survive my death. I
      > don't believe I have a soul either, so as far as I can see, when I
      > die there will be nothing left of me except an inert pile of atoms.

      This falls in line with my own way of thinking.

      As far as reincarnation goes, I believe in it to the extent that when
      we die, we eventually revert the our natural state, which is that
      state that everything is made of, be it atoms or the smaller
      measurements of quantum physics. You revert back to that basic
      energy that the entire universe is made of, in essence, returning to
      the "whole" or "center". Now what if your body was buried in the
      ground, and it help to nourish the land as it decomposed (yeah, I
      know, but bear with me on this <G>), then a tree started to grow in
      that spot. Wouldn't you in essence be a part of the tree?
      Everything is a part of everything else. We all have sunlight in us
      simply because we were exposed to it. We have thousands of elements
      in common with the universe, because we are one with it. It merely
      changes form and helps to create something new, and to me THAT is

      Someone mentioned the "self" earlier, the self is nothing but a
      collection of memories. If a person "loses his mind" and acts
      differently from the person he was, then it is said that that person
      is "no longer himself" and they are right. Lose your memories, and
      you lose everything you are. That's the bottom line. "Self" is an
      illusion we create, and being an illusion, it is unreal. And that,
      my friends, steers us in the direction of eternal philosophical
      debate. LOL!!

      I don't know if there is some essence in us that carries on when we
      pass. I don't disregard the possibility, because I've seen strange
      things happen that looks in ways like predestination. And my views
      are open, because like me, they are never stationary, but constantly
      changing as I learn. <G>

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