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1878Re: [Buddhism_101] Re: what's up

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  • Anita Aasen
    Sep 1, 2004

      I have actually thought about buying one of those idiots or dummies books, they are wonderful I have a few on a couple different subjects, it has occured to me to do that.  am I correct in thinking there are a few different branches of Buddhism....(i.e is different than korean)  is this much like being a methodist is different than being a presberyterian?

      I am near a buddhist  monestary here on staten island, but I have never gotten up there...I have always wanted to see the monks chant, it is open to the public periodically,   Occasonally the monks do meditaion walks on ome nature trails here


      Anita A
      in the final analysis it is about you and God, it was never about you and them anyway" Mother Teresa
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