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13704අද පොසොන් පුන් පෝ දිනයි! [වීඩියෝ]*

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    Jun 12, 2014

      අද පොසොන් පුන් පෝ දිනයි! [වීඩියෝ]*
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      Homage to the Blessed One, the Worthy One, the Highest Self Enlightened One!

         * See Sakyamuni Sambuddha Vihara Poson Program Below:

      Dhamma content:

         * අද පොසොන් පුන් පෝ දිනයි! [වීඩියෝ]: http://theruwan.org/video/poya/poson/1/?x=3

         * Good Night! http://www.vidarshana.org/pictures/greetings/good-night/14/?x=3


      Poson 2014 At Sakyamuni Sambuddha Vihara

      The following events will be taking place at Sakyamuni Sambuddha Vihara Poson on Saturday the 14th of June:

         * 8:00 a.m. Poson Adult Sil Program.

         * 6:00 p.m. Childrens' Bhakti Gee (Devtional Songs).

         * 6:00 p.m. Poson Celebrations including Vessanthara Jathaka story creation, large pahan kuduwa, small Vesak lanterns, bhakti gee, hoppers and food stalls. To help with preparations for the above contanct Ilangaratne 0430 325 054, Hemantha 0412 731 464, Percy 0425 427 570, Rohan 0430 194 515 or Sujeewa 0430 300 977. All raised funds will go to the new Chaithya development.

      At Sakyamuni Sambuddha Vihara, 125 Homestead Road, Berwick. Melway's reference: 130 J2. All are welcome. For more information please call the Vihara (temple) on 9702 6275.

      Sakyamuni Sambuddha Vihara: http://www.vihara.org.au

      May you be happy and well!

      Read more Dhamma messages http://www.vihara.org.au/dhamma/dhamma.aspx

      Visit Sakyamuni Sambuddha Vihara http://www.vihara.org.au